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  • ZEPHYR MK2 GTX MID Ranger Green
  • ZEPHYR MK2 GTX MID Ranger Green
  • ZEPHYR MK2 GTX MID Ranger Green
  • ZEPHYR MK2 GTX MID Ranger Green
  • ZEPHYR MK2 GTX MID Ranger Green
  • ZEPHYR MK2 GTX MID Ranger Green

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    for a first experience with TACWRK I am super satisfied, quality product varied and complete, looking forward to my next order, thank you
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    Ein sehr guter Kundenservice, Umtausch der Ware funktioniert immer problemlos, sehr netter Kontakt, hervorragende Produkte. Für jeden der Wert auf gute Ausrüstung legt ist hier absolut richtig.
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  • Description

    The Zephyr in a performance update

    The ZEPHYR MK2 GTX MID is not only a next-generation mission boot, but also one of the next level. Lowa tops its Zephyr with a massive update that impresses with an ideal balance of agility, lightness and stability.

    Water- and tear-resistant suede combined with a breathable Cordura make the shoe ideal even for heavy-duty fast roping use, where great heat can build up on the shoe and abrasion is exceptionally high. The particularly ergonomic sole and optimal cushioning also qualify the shoe for tough parachute landings or operations in changing, rough terrain.

    With ideal moisture management, the shoe is suitable for heavyweight operations even in hot temperatures.

    And the best thing is: They are now officially certified for professional use according to ISO 20347:2012. The particularly ergonomic and slip-resistant sole with optimal cushioning provides the necessary update, not only qualifying the shoe for dynamic operations and missions in varied and challenging terrain but also ensuring a firm grip on slippery and oily surfaces.



    As a tactical operational boot, maximum slip resistance on wet, oily or scree-heavy surfaces is one of the most important key requirements for the Lowa ZEPHYR MK2 GTX MID. To meet the highest demands, Lowa has developed the LOWA X-TRAC MILITARY sole. The outsole gets its slip resistance thanks to the special rubber compound, which provides a particularly strong grip.


    In order to guarantee effective cushioning and thus improved wearing comfort during heavy impact in rough terrain, the outsole of the combat boot is equipped with an injected midsole made of a particularly light foam that connects the sole and the upper. Various layers of polyurethane foam padding are moulded into an ergonomic shape and bonded to the upper. The proverbial "one cast" thus creates a lightweight shoe with above-average cushioning properties: The polyurethane is characterised by a special rebound effect, which is created by its consistency of millions of small bubbles and returns to its original shape an infinite number of times after heavy use.

    The shape or frame of the midsole of the ZEPHYR MK2 GTX MID is a so-called LOWA MONOWRAP frame, which Lowa has been using successfully since 1995. The frame encloses the foot comfortably and supports it thanks to its three-dimensional design, which ensures greater safety, especially when walking on uneven terrain.

    Inner sole

    The insole of the shoe is responsible for a stable footbed that can manage moisture and humidity while supporting long-duration missions with the best ergonomic comfort. The insole is made of 9% polyamide and approximately 90% polyurethane. Polyamide provides extra dimensional stability, tear and abrasion resistance and waterproofness, while the polyurethane adds cushioning properties with a lightweight and functional foam.

    Structure and material


    The ZEPHYR MK2 GTX MID features a two-zone lacing system, where the forefoot and upper have their own separately adjustable lacing zones. This allows the shoe to be individually adapted to the anatomy of the foot and laced differently for ascents and descents. The lacing hooks are closed so that the laces are securely guided and do not slip out of the hooks. This also minimises the risk of the shoe catching on undergrowth or clothing.

    Functional lace garages securely store extra length in the laces, and the enlarged grip loops on the back of the boot ensure even quicker entry when wearing tactical gloves.

    Upper material

    The Lowa tactical boot is made of a material combination of 80% suede and 20% synthetic. The suede, with its loose fibre structure and velvety surface, provides a particularly hard-wearing upper material, while the synthetic component, with its material properties, adds optimum heat and moisture management.

    In the overall design of the second generation Zephyr, improvements have been made in surface processing to enhance comfort. This includes a revised seam alignment between the forefoot and midfoot, which helps prevent pressure points, particularly during frequent kneeling.

    Upper membrane

    Of course, heavy-duty combat boots are not only exposed to exceptional abrasion, but also to the most adverse conditions. That's why the ZEPHYR MK2 GTX MID is equipped with a GORE-TEX Extended Comfort Footwear membrane for weather protection and hot temperatures. This innovative technology offers optimal waterproof and windproof protection with excellent breathability.

    Orthotics Certified

    The ZEPHYR MK2 GTX MID with an exchangeable footbed in combination with the well-known orthopaedic insoles ErgoPad work:x and ErgoPad® work:h+ from BAUERFEIND ensures an optimal individual fit. As a result, the shoe is certified and approved as an occupational shoe according to DIN EN ISO 20347:2012.

    The innovations in a nut shell

    The ISO 20347:2012 certification makes the use of these boots a guarantee even for official operations by authorities as the LOWA X-TRAC MILITARY sole with superior slip resistance ensures a firm grip even on smooth, wet, and oily surfaces.

    The fresh profile design with a designated rope arch provides ideal suitability for fast roping.

    The revised seam alignment between the forefoot and midfoot ensures maximum comfort, especially during frequent kneeling in action.

    The smart closure mechanism and functional lace garages contribute to better comfort as well as increased safety and stability.

    Enlarged grip loops on the back of the boots ensure even faster entry, especially when wearing tactical gloves simultaneously.

    • Lowa X-TRAC MILITARY sole with maximum slip resistance
    • PU foam midsole
    • LOWA-MONOWRAP frame of the midsole
    • Midsole bonded to upper
    • Upper 80% leather, 20% textile
    • GORE-TEX Extended Comfort Footwear membrane for waterproofness and breathability
    • Heat protection on the sides of the upper for heavy-duty rappelling
    • Two-zone lacing system
    • Closed lacing hooks

  • Attributes
    Color: Olive
    Uppers: 80% suede leather, 20% synthetic fabrics
    Membrane: Gore-Tex®
    Sole: Lowa ® X-TRAC MILITARY
    Sex: Unisex
    Type / Function: Tactical Boot
    Weight: 1,44 kg
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    Florian K 22 April 2024

    Top Stiefel. Hatte mehrere Jahre den Vorgänger und trage jetzt den mk2 schon eine ganze Weile. Egal ob fürs Paintball, Wandern oder für die Arbeit, der Lowa hat mich bis jetzt nie enttäuscht.


    Krzysztof D 19 April 2024

    No jest wszystko w porządku jest dobrze dobrze robią dobrze wszystko jest w porządku jest git pozdrawiam całą Legnice dobrych chłopaków niech się to trzyma dobry przekaz leci.


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