In the fall of 2013 our friend Einar from 5.11 Tactical was visiting and we got to talking: he told us that he was recently at a fitness workshop in England where he met some pretty crazy guys, with a certain Tom Beaver leading the way. The father is building steel bridges west of Birmingham and the son would be this crazy fitness junkie who, in terms of endurance training, has already done everything there is to do. He ran more than 33 marathons, numerous ultra-marathons, and especially the absolutely insane discipline of the so-called Enduroman - a triathlon between London and Paris, which Tom has finished in 2008 in just under 86 hours. 140 km running, swimming the English Channel (about 40 km), and then another 290 km cycling - hats off! Therefore, we are very proud to be permitted to distribute BeaverFit products in Germany. The current product category is divided into three categories: Functional Training Rigs (FTR ), FOB Locker and Tactical Gymnasium Box (TGB). All products can be purchased directly through us. We'll gladly send you a price list on request and also offer an on- site service with demonstrations, explanations and individual advice for your individual project.


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