UF PRO Striker ULT Pants Brown Grey

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  • Description

    Heavy Duty Combat Pants for missions around the globe

    The Striker ULT Combat Pants from UF Pro are the masterpiece in the tactical field. Absolutely heavy duty combat pants made for use in different climates and designed to be functional to the point. A smart combination of materials minimises the weight and, yet, functionally brings everything on the tablet that needs to be retrievable between the deserts, jungles and forests around the globe. Fit, functional features and material make an unbeatable combination for the absolute professional combat pants.

    Fit for tactical mobility pros

    Once you wear the Striker ULT Combat Pants, you will hardly change again: The exceptionally good fit is an asset especially when combined with heavy protective gear.

    UF Pro uses a waist/flex system here, which ideally adapts to the waist and fits the body like a second skin. No pressure points, no slipping, no wrinkles - a priceless advantage, especially when used with a combat belt. However, to ensure that not only the waist but also the hips are protected and the trousers fit ideally, the Waist/Flex system works with stretch inserts on the sides that give way when the body is in motion, squatting or sitting. Again, the Schoeller stretch material of the inserts ensures that wrinkles or pressure points are avoided.

    At the lower back - often the most critical point, especially when a mission pack is fully loaded - UF Pro has incorporated a breathable 3D pad that embeds itself precisely in the hollow space between the back and the waistband of the trousers. What promises more padding and comfort first of all also ensures a stable and secure fit. Pulling up or slipping of the waistband are problems of the past.

    The integrated lower belt of the Striker ULT Pants is super practical because it simplifies things. An additional lower belt is not necessary because the trousers can already be ideally adjusted by the integrated belt. A small but fine detail for all those who really want to know: The integrated belt buckle is reinforced and stiffened. This means that it cannot shift. It is also connected to the zip of the trousers on the inside.

    Material mix for super-lightweight and extremely function-bound operations

    The highlight of the Striker ULT Pant is that the choice of material has been so subtly worked on the components of weight versus functionality that a masterpiece for use has been created.

    Sure, the pants are made of 100% Cordura, as always. But the devil is in the details. And so the NyCo Extreme fabric is 3 times more tear resistant, 10 times more breathable and dries 35% faster than the current U.S. Mil-Spec for NyCo fabric. And all this with a weight saving of 17 %. A perfect pair of trousers even in super hot areas.

    But when even the material can no longer cope with the heat on its own, the vents in the side pockets and the vents in the lower leg sections help out. And as a super bonus, the inner knees are lined with extremely moisture-absorbing and -evaporating 37.5™ Technology material.

    In general, the credits for these Combat Pants also go overall to the Schoeller Dynamic Stretch material, which keeps the tactical trousers particularly hard-wearing and extremely elastic in all the right places. Freedom of movement and a perfect fit are guaranteed.

    Of course, the material also has to take into account the rough conditions of use and particularly stressed areas need special reinforcements. Accordingly, a abrasion-resistant CORDURA® fabric has been incorporated, which reinforces the knees and will hardly show any abrasion even after weeks of kneeling and crawling.

    The knee region is the stepchild of any tactical trousers anyway. UF Pro counters the common stress cracks in the Striker ULT Combat Pants with a three-layer knee protection system. With or without knee pads, this makes use of anything but a test of endurance.

    Smart pocket system for uncomplicated use

    With huge side pockets held together with an internal elastic band, hardly anything can get lost. In addition, the pockets have a closable flap secured with Canadian rubber buttons. The side pockets are also equipped with a vertical zip, so that the stowed equipment can be reached comfortably even when kneeling.

    Last but not least, the lower hem of the trouser legs can be connected to the boot hooks so that the trousers do not slip and neither water, dirt nor creepy crawlies can penetrate the trousers. An absolute maximum performer no matter where the mission; the Striker ULT Pants certainly leave nothing to chance.

    - UF PRO Waist/Flex system
    - NyCo Extreme ripstop material
    - Double fly with zip, hook and button closure
    - CORDURA® reinforced belt loops
    - CORDURA® reinforced knees
    - Scholler-dynamic® stretch inserts on knees and seat
    - Knee pad pockets lined with 37.5™ Technology material
    - Additional pocket for UF PRO Solid Knee Pads
    - Anti-slip band at the back of the waist
    - Scholler-dynamic® stretch inserts on knees and seat
    - Pockets with ventilation mesh and extra knife pocket
    - Concealed security pocket
    - Large side pockets with button closure
    - Multi-purpose thigh pocket with mesh vents and side pocket with vertical access to pocket
    - Boot hooks
  • Attributes
    Color: Olive
    Type / Function: Combat pant, Combat Trousers
    Model: Striker ULT Pants
    Material composition: Upper material: 57% Nylon, 43% Cotton
    Sex: Men
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