In the quick race against time, tactical equipment for first responders, EMTs, paramedics and dedicated civilians alike is a critical key component. To assist you with the successful first aid treatment of your wounded and injured comrades - or, that being said, yourself - we gathered a comprehensive selection of professional transport solutions for substantial dressing material, mission relevant medical equipment and tactical medical supplies.

Boo Boo Kit

Boo Boo Kit - The knight in shining armour for small aches and pains

The minimalist first aid kit is made to fight the little bruises of everyday life. In an ultra-compact format, it’s equipped with plasters, a small bandage pack, gauze bandage and a compress. With this little helper, scraped knees and the infamous paper cuts disappear into insignificance quickly.

Check out our selection of great little helpers that fit seamlessly into your satchel, fanny pack and pants pockets:


First Aid Kit
First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit - The reliable first aid kit for the civilian user

Seriously, a well kitted first aid kit should be in everyone’s possession. Whether at home or on the road, these compact companions can be a decisive safety factor for all leisure or outdoor activities - and ultimately, they’ll save more than just your day!

Find a selection of suitable first aid bags either with or without contents here:


Individual First Aid Kit

Individual First Aid Kit - Personal medical equipment for professional users

The IFAK is an Individual First Aid Kit for police forces and military personnel. It`s specifically adapted to the expected injuries related to your operational parameters. Main and initial focus is on an effective hemorrhage control and wound treatment in cases of severe trauma.

Basic components of a dedicated Individual First Aid Kit are a tourniquet, pressure bandage, hemostatic agent and compress. Additionally, it’s the custom to include a triangular cloth, burn dressing, a resuscitation cloth and a rescue blanket.

Below, you’ll find a thorough selection of IFAK, Trauma and Blow Out Pouches:


Advanced First Aid Kit
Advanced First Aid Kit

Advanced First Aid Kit - Advanced IFAK for Optimized Care

In addition to the standard components of a classic IFAK, the AFAK offers supplementary components for adequate trauma care of severely wounded patients in extreme situations.

Complementary elements such as Wendl and Gütl Tubi, antibiotics, emergency splints for rapid immobilization or even adrenaline and morphine auto-injectors expand the available spectrum of care.

Have a look at our IFAK and AFAK pouches selected for essential self-help and comrade care:


Multi-First Aid Kit

Multi-First Aid Kit - TCCC and TECC backpacks for emergency responders

MFAKs are designed to provide basic care for multiple wounded or injured personnel. It’s made for settings in which the extensive equipment of a Multi-First Aid Kit no longer suffices.

Our selection of specifically designed medical backpacks offer enough space for regular IFAK contents in multiple versions, owever, the professional Medic Backpacks add space for medical emergency extras such as pelvic compresses and full infusion systems.

See below our selection of heavy Medic backpacks for tactical wound care:


Medic Organizer, Pouches und Panels
Medic Organizer, Pouches und Panels

Medic Organizers, Pouches and Panels - For clear view and neat arrangement

The fully modular concepts for bags and backpacks allow for your mission-specific medical loadout to be easily put together. A wide range of different organizers from small-format pockets to flexible equipment loops to ultra-flat gear panels give you all different options to freely customize your medic loadouts and ensure a transparent layout and excellent organization.

Check out our selection and organize your medic equipment in no time:


Medic Patches

Medic Patches - Tactical badges for distinctive identification

Tactical hook-and-loop patches provide a significant service for the quick and positive identification of the contents in a pouch or bag. Especially in the medical field, it’s crucial to identify IFAK, AFAK and MFAK content as fast as possible.

Whether an Asclepius staff, Red Cross or simple Medic lettering - we have a wide selection of Tactical Medic Patches in stock for you:


Spezielle IFAK und Medic Optionen
Spezielle IFAK und Medic Optionen

Special IFAK and Medic Options - Designed for Tactical Users

Extraordinary situations require extraordinary solutions! For vehicle crews and civilian or specialized forces, we offer practical alternatives that ensure rapid availability of essential medical equipment in all environments and circumstances.

Find medical ankle holsters, vehicle IFAKs, defibrillator and tourniquet pouches here:


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