TACWRK Transition Jackets

Come seasonal change, our outdoor routines necessarily change and even the most subjectively marginal temperature hardliner can no longer have an overnighter in a Hawaiian shirt. The crucial question of the right clothes comes up year after year: It's cold, but not cold enough for a proper winter jacket, but it certainly gets nippy enough for a clever midlayer. The temperature change calls for Operation Transition Jacket.

First Aid Kit
First Aid Kit

This year, we're here to help you kick off the individual and sophisticated sport of layering and present you with our favourite selection of anoraks, waistcoats, softshell and hybrid jackets at a glance. Whether as a stand-alone thermal layer or as a base layer or mid layer: Good items like the Helikon Wolfhound Hoodie or the Arc`teryx Leaf Atom Jacket LT bring light into the early Central European darkness and demonstrate, what the main features of a so-called in-between jacket should ideally be. Two other winners in the basic questions of tiered clothing systems are the tactical high performer by DNS Alpha, the Light Insulation Hoodie, and of course without question the timeless and lightweight G-Loft ESG jacket by Carinthia.

It is up to your respective battle plans whether you opt for soft-shell, fleece, cotton or an ultra-lightweight insulated jacket with or without hood. Of course, the classic Tasmanian Tiger Nevada MKIII and the second-generation UF PRO Delta ML are all tactically adept, and they not only survive light showers and protect against cold wind, but can also be quickly packed into any rucksack.

When in doubt, go for transition - with the variationsin our transitional jacket selection, the only question that remains is: If only one, then which one.


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