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  • ZEPHYR MK2 GTX HI Desert
  • ZEPHYR MK2 GTX HI Desert
  • ZEPHYR MK2 GTX HI Desert
  • Description

    The new era of the HI-CUT tactical boot

    The ZEPHYR MK2 GTX HI Desert is the latest development of Lowa's most famous tactical boot.

    The basic features such as agility, lightness and stability have been improved many times over and the raised HI-CUT upper, as well as the optimised cushioning, also qualify the shoe for hard parachute landings or operations in changing, rough conditions.

    Superior moisture management makes the new ZEPHYR MK2 GTX HI the ideal shoe for heavyweight operations even in high temperatures.

    And the cherry on top: The boots are now officially certified for professional use according to ISO 20347:2012. The particularly ergonomic and slip-resistant sole with optimal cushioning provides the necessary update, not only qualifying the shoe for dynamic operations and missions in varied and challenging terrain but also ensuring a firm grip on slippery and oily surfaces.



    As a tactical combat boot, maximum slip resistance on oily, wet or scree-heavy surfaces is one of the most important challenges facing the Lowa ZEPHYR MK2 GTX HI. The LOWA X-TRAC MILITARY sole gets its slip resistance from a special rubber compound, which ensures a particularly strong grip on any surface.


    The injected midsole, made of different layers of polyurethane foam cushioning, provides effective cushioning on any surface, which increases comfort immensely.
    The midsole is moulded into an ergonomic shape during production. This creates millions of small bubbles that cushion endlessly under load and return to their original shape when the load is removed. To further stabilise the sole, it is also glued to the upper.
    This creates a midsole with above-average cushioning properties and a special rebound effect. Lowa also uses the patented LOWA MONOWRAP frame in the ZEPHYR MK2 GTX MID. This has been in use since 1995, encloses the foot comfortably and supports it optimally in all directions thanks to its three-dimensional design.

    Inner sole

    The insole of the shoe is the core piece for a stable footbed that can manage moisture as well as wetness, while supporting long-duration use with the best ergonomic comfort. The insole is made of 9% polyamide and approximately 90% polyurethane. Polyamide provides special dimensional stability, tear and abrasion resistance and waterproofness, while the polyurethane complements the cushioning properties with a light and functional foam.

    Structure and material


    The two-zone lacing system used by Lowa, of the ZEPHYR MK2 GTX HI separates the forefoot and shaft via their own adjustable lacing zones. This allows for an individual, anatomical adjustment of the foot, especially when lacing for ascents and descents. The closed lacing hooks guide the laces securely and prevent them from slipping out of the hooks. Nothing on the shoe gets caught on undergrowth or clothing as a result.

    Functional lace garages securely store extra length in the laces, and the enlarged grip loops on the back of the boot ensure even quicker entry when wearing tactical gloves.

    Surface membrane

    The ZEPHYR features a GORE-TEX Extended Comfort Footwear membrane for protection against cold, wet weather and high temperatures. This reliably protects the wearer from water penetration and ensures unrestricted breathability at all times. This means that the most adverse weather conditions are withstood and full operational capability is guaranteed.

    Surface material

    Thanks to the combination of hard-wearing suede and high-performance synthetic material, the ZEPHYR MK2 GTX HI combines a loose fibre structure with a velvety surface, guaranteeing outstanding functional properties.

    In the overall design of the second generation Zephyr, improvements have been made in surface processing to enhance comfort. This includes a revised seam alignment between the forefoot and midfoot, which helps prevent pressure points, particularly during frequent kneeling.

    Orthotics Certified

    The ZEPHYR MK2 GTX MID with an exchangeable footbed in combination with the well-known orthopaedic insoles ErgoPad work:x and ErgoPad® work:h+ from BAUERFEIND ensures an optimal individual fit. As a result, the shoe is certified and approved as an occupational shoe according to DIN EN ISO 20347:2012.

    The innovations in a nutshell

    The ISO 20347:2012 certification makes the use of these boots a guarantee even for official operations by authorities as the LOWA X-TRAC MILITARY sole with superior slip resistance ensures a firm grip even on smooth, wet, and oily surfaces.

    The fresh profile design with a designated rope arch provides ideal suitability for fast roping.

    The revised seam alignment between the forefoot and midfoot ensures maximum comfort, especially during frequent kneeling in action.

    The smart closure mechanism and functional lace garages contribute to better comfort as well as increased safety and stability.

    Enlarged grip loops on the back of the boots ensure even faster entry, especially when wearing tactical gloves simultaneously.

    • Upper 80% leather, 20% textile  
    • GORE-TEX Extended Comfort Footwear membrane for waterproofness and breathability
    • LOWA MONOWRAP midsole frame
    • Midsole bonded to upper
    • PU foam midsole
    • Lowa X-TRAC MILITARY sole with maximum slip resistance
    • Outer shaft height 210mm
    • Inside shaft height 175mm
    • Two-zone lacing system with closed lacing hooks
    • Heat protection on the shaft sides for heavy-duty fast roping applications
  • Attributes
    Color: Beige
    Uppers: 80% suede leather, 20% synthetic fabrics
    Membrane: Gore-Tex®
    Sole: Lowa ® X-TRAC MILITARY
    Type / Function: Tactical Boot
    Weight: 1,55 kg
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    Rory k 23 August 2023

    Great customer service and great product range, been looking for these boots for a long time and once ordered they came quickly


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