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    the product is faithful to the one described, excellent tracking service and delivery with care
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    Top Zustand und sehr zufrieden
    Kunde-3295406, 20.04.2024
    TACWRK ist meiner Meinung nach der beste Militär und Polizei Ausstatter ,Lieferant. Dies betrifft die Präsentation der hervorragenden Artikel/Produkte und auch die Beschreibung dieser.Die Qualität dieser Artikel/Produkte ist sehr gut,hervorragend. Obwohl ich eigentlich Artikel (Bekleidung) gern vor Ort anprobieren möchte und anfassen.Aber auf Grund der sehr guten Beschreibung und Bilder war dies nicht nötig, und wenn etwas nicht passte , dann war die Retoure und deren Abwicklung sehr einfach und unkompliziert. Auch mit den zur Auswahl stehenden Zahlungsmethoden bin ich sehr zufrieden. Da bleibt mir nur eins zu sagen,weiter so , das ganze ist Top!!! Auf TACWRK wurde ich durch Werbung bei Facebook aufmerksam, und kann TACWRK nur weiterempfehlen. Vielleicht sieht man soch mal im Showroom,worauf ich sehr gespannt bin.dies muss ich mal einplanen, sind immerhin ca 250 km,aber das wird es sicher Wert sein. Macht weiter so Mit freundlichen Grüßen Rocco
    ShopVoter-4370555, 17.04.2024
    Artikel bestellt, zwei Tage später war sie da. Top Ware, netter Kontakt und dann noch noch als Dankschön für die Bestellung Gummibärchen im Paket. Was will man mehr…! Ich werde wieder gerne bei euch bestellen!!! Danke dem großartigen Team!
    ShopVoter-4365097, 12.04.2024
    Auffallend war, dass sich bei Tacwrk wirklich die Mühe gemacht wurde eigene aufwendige Beschreibungen der Produkte zu texten und nicht nur das Marketing-Blabla der Hersteller übernommen wurde. Dadurch bekommt man einen umfassenden Einblick über die Qualität, Anwendungsbereiche und Tragekomfort. Präsentation, Preise, Abwicklung des Kaufvorgangs, Schnelligkeit der Bearbeitung - alles hervorragend gut!
    ShopVoter-4364976, 12.04.2024
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  • Description

    The update of the Zephyr

    The ZEPHYR MK2 GTX MID in the urban Wolf colour is not only an operational boot of the latest generation, but also one of the next level. The premium manufacturer from Jetzendorf has come up with an update that impresses with an ideal balance of lightness, agility and stability.

    The particularly ergonomic sole and optimal cushioning also qualify the boot for operations in changing, rough terrain, as well as hard parachute landings. Water- and tear-resistant suede combined with a breathable Cordura make the Zephyr ideal even for heavy-duty abseiling operations, where great heat can build up on the shoe and abrasion is exceptionally high. With ideal moisture management, the shoe is suitable for heavyweight use even in summer temperatures.

    And the best thing is: They are now officially certified for professional use according to ISO 20347:2012. The particularly ergonomic and slip-resistant sole with optimal cushioning provides the necessary update, not only qualifying the shoe for dynamic operations and missions in varied and challenging terrain but also ensuring a firm grip on slippery and oily surfaces.



    As a tactical combat boot, maximum slip resistance on wet, oily or scree-heavy surfaces is one of the most important key requirements for the Lowa ZEPHYR MK2 GTX MID. To meet the highest demands here, Lowa has developed the LOWA X-TRAC MILITARY sole. The outsole gets its slip resistance thanks to the special rubber compound, which provides a particularly strong grip.


    The injected midsole, made from a particularly lightweight foam, provides effective cushioning on any surface, which increases comfort immensely. This is made possible by the various layers of polyurethane foam padding that are moulded into an ergonomic shape and glued to the upper. Millions of small bubbles are created in this sole, which cushion endlessly under load and return to their original shape when the load is removed. This creates a midsole with above-average cushioning properties and a special rebound effect. Lowa also uses the patented LOWA MONOWRAP frame in the ZEPHYR MK2 GTX MID. This has been in use since 1995, encloses the foot comfortably and supports it optimally in all directions thanks to its three-dimensional design.

    Inner sole

    The insole of the Zepyhr is responsible for an extremely stable footbed that can manage moisture and wetness, while supporting prolonged use with the best ergonomic comfort. The insole is made of 9% polyamide and approximately 90% polyurethane. Polyamide provides special dimensional stability, tear and abrasion resistance and waterproofness, while the polyurethane complements the cushioning properties with a light and functional foam.

    Structure and material


    The two-zone lacing system of the ZEPHYR MK2 GTX MID separates the forefoot and upper via separate, adjustable lacing zones. This allows for individual, anatomical adjustment of the foot, especially for lacing during ascents and descents. The closed lacing hooks guide the laces securely and prevent them from slipping out of the hooks. This also reduces the risk of snagging on undergrowth or clothing to a minimum.

    Functional lace garages securely store extra length in the laces, and the enlarged grip loops on the back of the boot ensure even quicker entry when wearing tactical gloves.

    Upper material

    The Lowa Zephyr tactical boot is made from a material combination of 80% suede and 20% synthetic. The suede with its loose fibre structure and velvety surface provides a particularly hard-wearing upper material, while the synthetic component with its material properties adds optimum warmth and moisture management.

    In the overall design of the second generation Zephyr, improvements have been made in surface processing to enhance comfort. This includes a revised seam alignment between the forefoot and midfoot, which helps prevent pressure points, particularly during frequent kneeling.

    Upper membrane

    The ZEPHYR features a GORE-TEX Extended Comfort Footwear membrane for protection against cold, wet weather and high temperatures. This reliably protects the wearer from water penetration and ensures unrestricted breathability at all times. This means that the most adverse weather conditions are withstood and full operational capability is guaranteed.

    Orthotics Certified

    The ZEPHYR MK2 GTX MID with an exchangeable footbed in combination with the well-known orthopaedic insoles ErgoPad work:x and ErgoPad® work:h+ from BAUERFEIND ensures an optimal individual fit. As a result, the shoe is certified and approved as an occupational shoe according to DIN EN ISO 20347:2012.

    The innovations in a nutshell

    The ISO 20347:2012 certification makes the use of these boots a guarantee even for official operations by authorities as the LOWA X-TRAC MILITARY sole with superior slip resistance ensures a firm grip even on smooth, wet, and oily surfaces.

    The fresh profile design with a designated rope arch provides ideal suitability for fast roping.

    The revised seam alignment between the forefoot and midfoot ensures maximum comfort, especially during frequent kneeling in action.

    The smart closure mechanism and functional lace garages contribute to better comfort as well as increased safety and stability.

    Enlarged grip loops on the back of the boots ensure even faster entry, especially when wearing tactical gloves simultaneously.

    • Lowa X-TRAC MILITARY sole with highest slip resistance
    • Heat protection on the sides of the shaft for heavy-duty abseiling applications
    • PU foam midsole
    • Midsole glued to upper
    • LOWA-MONOWRAP frame of the midsole
    • Upper 80% leather, 20% textile
    • GORE-TEX Extended Comfort Footwear membrane for waterproofness and breathability
    • Two-zone lacing system
    • Closed lacing hooks
  • Attributes
    Color: Grey
    Uppers: 80% Leder, 20% Synthetik
    Membrane: Gore-Tex®
    Brand: Lowa
    Sole: Lowa ® X-TRAC MILITARY
    Type / Function: Tactical Boot
    Weight: 1,44 kg
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