YOUNIX Elastic Black Bands

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  • Description

    Mobility and strength building with resistance bands

    Whether in functional training sessions, in mobile gyms or in rehabilitation sports, elastic resistance bands are an established component with a lasting effect. In the second lightest version and identified by the black colour code, the Younix Elastic Black Band brings quick results especially in warm-up, rehabilitation, mobility and light strength training.

    Light strength training for sustainable training

    Resistance bands are so efficient because they do not only train the obvious muscles. When using the elastic bands, the body must constantly counter-stabilise and activates the muscles around the joints to do so. These peripheral muscle groups support the joints and strengthen the main muscle groups - training them helps prevent training injuries.

    Apart from this lasting training effect, the bands are of course a light and uncomplicated alternative to the gym: especially for on the go, for spontaneous and flexible training units and independent of location, the light bands are the sufficient equipment for a successful session. Younix offers a comprehensive elastic band range with 5 different strengths. The black version shown here is a medium to light strength and is therefore primarily intended for warm-up, mobility and rehabilitation.

    How it works

    The resistance band generates more tension the further the movements are performed. Higher resistance at the end of the range of motion poses a greater challenge to peripheral stabilisation. This forces the entire body to act as a stabiliser. In the same way, the speed at which exercises are performed can be changed, so that here too the so-called "ascending resistance" can intensify the exercises. In this way, the body learns to accelerate the force and to be able to use it better in everyday life or sports.

    So whether the bands are used for stretching, rehabilitation, strength training with body weight or to promote speed and flexibility, whether they are used on the road or in the gym, the training possibilities are versatile. Thanks to the colour differentiation, it is easy to quickly grab the band that is needed in the respective functional unit in the range of Younix Resistance Bands.

    No set-up, no extra weight

    The advantages for mobile training units are obvious: as an uncomplicated alternative to the training surface and as a versatile training tool, the Younix bands are ideal for on-the-go use. For functional training of strength, stability and flexibility, the bands made of latex rubber are available in different strengths and widths. The version in black is a light range band suitable for warm-up, rehabilitation, mobility, speed, agility and light strength training.

    Options and functions

    There are 5 resistance bands to choose from in different strengths or widths.

    The bands are made of natural latex rubber and are each 104 cm long and 5 mm thick, but vary in width and resistance.

    • Lighter bands (red and black) are used for prehab, rehabilitation, mobility, speed, agility and light strength training.
    • Stronger bands (purple and green) are used for mobility, assistance, squats, deadlifts and bench press.
    • The bands with the highest resistance (blue) are used for maximum resistance.
    • Natural latex
    • 104 cm long
    • 5 mm thick
    • Variant black: light to medium strength band for light resistance
  • Attributes
    Color: Black
    Length (mm): 1040
    Material: Natural Latex Rubber
    Sex: Unisex
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