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  • Description

    Resistance band with strong resistance

    For mobile training units, as an uncomplicated gym alternative and versatile training equipment without weight and build-up, the resistance bands from Younix have established themselves. Those who are on the road a lot but don't want to give up their training routine, or those who want to train as versatilely and comprehensively as possible on the training floor, can train strength, stability and flexibility with the resistance bands in different strengths.

    The bands are available in different colour-coded widths and strengths depending on the training goal and content. The green version shown here is the second strongest band in the Younix range and is therefore mainly intended for mobility, assistance, squats, deadlifts and bench presses.

    Extensive training options

    Resistance bands are uncomplicated, versatile and, above all, flexible: they fit into any training bag and allow full training of peripheral muscle groups as well.

    The individually selectable resistance, depending on the band width and strength, makes training so flexible: not only are strength exercises performed without the need for weights, but only with one's own body weight and resistance of the band. The resistance bands also add another dimension to the training: joints and peripheral muscle groups are strengthened and trained because the body has to be constantly stabilised during the exercises with the band. In this way, the entire range of motion is challenged and performance is improved, regardless of the training goal or type of sport.

    How it works

    The resistance band generates more tension the further the movements are performed. Higher resistance at the end of the range of motion presents a greater challenge to peripheral stabilisation. This forces the entire body to act as a stabiliser. In the same way, the speed at which exercises are performed can be changed, so that here too the so-called "ascending resistance" can intensify the exercises. In this way, the body learns to accelerate the force and to be able to use it better in everyday life or sports.

    Whether the bands are used for stretching, rehabilitation, bodyweight strength training or to promote speed and agility, whether on the go or in the gym, the literal range of Younix bands can be used to train individually and versatile.

    Options and functions

    There are 5 resistance bands in different strengths or widths to choose from.

    The bands made of natural latex rubber are each 104 cm long and 5 mm thick, but vary in width and resistance.

    • Lighter bands (red and black) are used for prehab, rehabilitation, mobility, speed, agility and light strength training.
    • Stronger bands (purple and green) are used for mobility, assistance, squats, deadlifts and bench press.
    • The bands with the highest resistance are used for maximum resistance.
    • Natural latex
    • 104 cm long
    • 5 mm thick
    • Variant green: strong band for strength training

  • Attributes
    Color: Green
    Length (mm): 1040
    Material: Natural Latex Rubber
    Sex: Unisex
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