TT Highlights 2024

After Christmas, as is well known, it's not Easter that comes, but the annual trade fair season. With Franconian precision and efficiency and just in time for it, Tasmanian Tiger has once again laid out a whole host of brand-new presents in our tactical nest.

Focusing on a season full of #Draussendinge, the Get Out There collection brings some decidedly functional treats into the loadout, and with the well-thought-out innovations of the Under the Radar collection, seamlessly discreet operations remain truly in the diplomatic thicket. As always, we are pleased to present to you the sensations for 2024 at a glance.

Tasmanian Tiger Novelties  2024 - Get Out There Collection
Tasmanian Tiger Novelties  2024 - Get Out There Collection

Get Out There Collection

Tailored specifically for enthusiastic scouts, field fanatics, and bushcraft aficionados, the Get Out There Collection delivers a precisely targeted tool set that will reliably assist you in skillfully looking beyond the seemingly insurmountable confines of everyday life. In addition to a clear view of the next thrilling adventure, this rugged outdoor collection offers enhanced packing, transportation, and navigation capabilities, thus supporting passionate trailblazers on daring missions away from the city and off the beaten tracks.

With the Tasmanian Tiger Base Pack 72, TT sets up yet another titan that will likely dominate the field in the future. With new top-class pack sack options of the TT Stuffbag WPV in various volume variants you'll be guaranteed reliable protection of your essential gear from dust and critical moisture and your tour plans and essential maps, as well as your outdoor-suitable electronics, will from now on find a suitable place in the specially designed TT W-Pouch WR, allowing for comprehensive viewing and equally hassle-free touchscreen operation under even the most adverse conditions thanks to the generously designed viewing window. The Tasmanian Tiger Collection 2024, in renowned quality and with all the typical TT functional features, as always, leaves no demanding wishes unfulfilled and will accompany users around the globe as they step out of their comfort zones. Get Out There!


Tasmanian Tiger Novelties 2024 - Under The Radar Collection
Tasmanian Tiger Novelties 2024 - Under The Radar Collection

Under The Radar Collection

The Under the Radar Collection presents a wide array of highly discreet transportation solutions, optimally suited not only for direct action but also for intelligence operations at a tactical level. Modular backpack options like the TT Modular Combat Pack 24 SL and the TT Sentinel 35 WP, which allow for well-structured and accessible carrying of substantial equipment on the body, ensure the best possible mobility in any situation, while tactical Duffel Bags, tough Gear Bags and the soon to be established TT Tac Pouch 1 WP facilitate the secure movement of all bulky as well as sensitive items in the field. Specifically the transportation of heavy materials and technology is flawlessly supported by the Under the Radar Collection thanks to sophisticated cargo and loading concepts, enabling the smooth maneuvering of significant tools in secrecy.

Moreover, the special designs of the electronics-focused and RFID-safe bags like the TT Smartphone Pouch RFID Block Pro maintain the ongoing confidentiality status of sensitive information, reliably shielding essential data from unauthorized access. Tasmanian Tiger simplifies the complex processes of military operations with the Under the Radar Collection by clarifying strategic mobility needs, thus ensuring the appropriate transportation and removal of relevant apparatus and personal gear in the field at all times.


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