TASMANIAN TIGER TT MedicAssaultPack MKII L IRR Stone Grey Olive

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  • Description

    Spacious, IR safe TCCC medic backpack with modular design

    The Tasmanian Tiger Medic Assault Pack L MKII IRR is the largest trauma backpack from TT's Medic Assault series to date. Made of durable Cordura 500 IRR, the Medic Backpack has 1.5 cm more depth than the regular Medic Assault Pack and is therefore ideally suited for infusions and masks.

    Modular designed interior

    The modular, functional interior offers plenty of storage space and a clear, well-structured division. To make use of this the proven YKK zippers can be opened completely (clam shell). The four included hook-and-loop pouches with viewing window and hook-and-loop labeling strips allow for thematic sorting of medical equipment. Elastic loops in the pockets ensure that order is maintained even when the Medic Assault Pack L MKII IRR is carried around. A vertically arranged zipper on the side reveals a flat, multi-partitioned slide-in compartment and provides additional storage space.

    Not only more space

    New in the Medic Assault Pack L MKII IRR are the numerous elastic loops on the sides inside the backpack, as well as an additional row of Lasercut-M.O.L.L.E on the outer sides. The hook and loop areas on the front of the backpack are now across the entire width and laminate areas on the bottom of the Medic Assault Pack L MKII IRR not only reinforce the base area against abrasion, but also allow for additional attachment of equipment with webbing thanks to laser cut-outs.

    Designed for everything that comes your way

    TT takes into account the many different ways in which the Medic Assault Pack L MKII IRR can be used and allows the carrying system to be configured to suit individual circumstances. The Trauma Pack can be worn as a backpack or mounted directly to the plate carrier. For this purpose the shoulder straps and hip strap can be removed completely. If the bag is not worn on the body but kept ready in the vehicle for example the removal of all external straps prevents the Medic Assault Pack L MKII IRR from getting tangled up and losing valuable seconds. In addition to the robust, padded carrying handle, TT offers two further carrying loops with which the opened backpack can be closed provisionally for quick transport and which can be stowed away easily when not in use. Elastic straps keep the extra webbing in place. Underneath the scissor holder on the front is a diagonal running zipper which reveals two flat pockets. Both compartments are divided with hook and loop fasteners. The upper of the two flat compartmentsholds an orange signal panel. On the outside the Medic Assault Pack L MKII IRR is fully equipped with Lasercut-M.O.L.L.E, which is interrupted in the upper part only by the scissors compartment and hook and loop panels.

    Reduced IR-signature

    The special feature of this version of the Medic Assault Pack L IRR is its
    reduced IR signature
    , due to the use of materials that are
    certified according to the strict requirements of the Bundeswehr.
    Starting with the Cordura 500 den IRR manufactured in Europe, over
    zippers and hook and loop materials, all components have IR secure
    equipment according to TL8305-0278/I1 (IRR 650 - 1250nm / 10 - 42%)
    and TL8305-0281 (IRR 650 - 1250nm / 10 - 42%). The reconnaissance by
    residual light amplifiers is hereby reliably counteracted.


    - Tasmanian Tiger
    - Medic Assault Pack L IRR
    - Stonegrey-olive
    - CORDURA® 500 the IRR
    - 46 x 28 x 10 cm
    - 1,05 kg (1,65 kg)
    - Scissors bag
    - Fully opening YKK zipper
    - Two hook and loop strips on the front
    - Integrated signal panel
    - Circumferential Lasercut-M.O.L.L.E
    - Base with Lasercut laminate reinforcement
    - Configurable carrying options
    - Four hook and loop pouches with window and elastic loops
    - Velcro panel inside
    - Side zipper compartment with three deep slots
    - Directly attachable to plate carriers
    - IR safe
    - Material accoring to TL 8305-0278 & TL8305-0281
  • Attributes
    Color: Stone grey olive
    Dimensions: 46 x 28 x 10 cm
    Material: CORDURA® 500 den IRR
    Type / Function: Medic pack
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TASMANIAN TIGER - TT MedicAssaultPack MKII L IRR Stone Grey Olive