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  • Description

    Rapid deployment TCCC IFAK Pouch

    The Tasmanian Tiger IFAK Pouch VL L IRR is a functional
    individual First Aid Kit pouch with easy opening and
    lightning-fast access to medical equipment
    in moments where
    every second counts.

    TT has designed the closure of the IFAK Pouch VL so that the insert
    carrying the medical equipment can be separated from the carrier
    with a quick pull. The slide-in unit itself opens in fractions of a
    second and offers a good overview of the life-saving medical
    supplies thanks to the numerous elastic loops inside. The
    transparent document compartment on the outside is perfect for
    storing a casualty card or similar.

    The IFAK Pouch VL provides sufficient space for essential medical
    accessories and can be configured as a trauma or blowout kit.

    This IFAK Pouch VL impresses in terms of flexibility thanks to the
    possibility of being attached to any hook and loop surface or
    M.O.L.L.E. compatible surface by means of a removable M.O.L.L.E.
    . The IFAK Pouch VL L IRR can therefore be worn
    directly on vests and plate carriers, as well as on a service belt
    or backpack
    . For use in vehicles the IFAK Pouch VL can be
    attached directly to TT's Modular Front Seat Panel. On the front of
    the outer cover is a wide velcro strip with an IFAK patch. Not only
    the uncompromising functionality but also the choice of materials
    speak for Tasmanian Tiger's clear focus on tough professional
    . Robust Cordura 700 den IRR makes the IFAK Pouch VL hard-wearing and long-lasting.

    The special feature of this version of the IFAK Pouch VL L is its
    reduced IR signature
    , due to the use of materials that are
    certified according to the strict requirements of the Bundeswehr.
    Starting with the Cordura 700 den IRR manufactured in Europe, over
    zippers and hook and loop materials, all components have IR secure
    equipment according to TL8305-0278/I1 (IRR 650 - 1250nm / 10 - 42%)
    and TL8305-0281 (IRR 650 - 1250nm / 10 - 42%). The reconnaissance by
    residual light amplifiers is hereby reliably counteracted.

    SPARTANAT has put the IFAK Pouch VL L through its paces in
    accordance with its standards. You can find the article on
    SPARTAN.AT or directly via our link.

    >> Here's the review!


    - Tasmanian Tiger
    - IFAK Pouch VL L IRR
    - Stone grey olive
    - Cordura 700 den IRR
    - 20 x 14 x 5 cm
    - 0,290 kg
    - First aid pouch
    - M.O.L.L.E.-compatible
    - Ideal for Tactical Combat Casualty Care
    - Removable, individually mountable medic insert
    - M.O.L.L.E.-hook and loop adapter
    - Transparent document compartment
    - Can be attached directly to all hook and loop surfaces
    - Ideal in combination with the TT Modular Front Seat Panel
    - IFAK Patch included
    - Materials according to TL 8305-0278 & TL8305-0281
  • Attributes
    Color: Stonegrey Olive
    Dimensions: 20 x 14 x 5 cm
    Material: CORDURA® 700 den IRR
    Type / Function: Medic pack, Molle system
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