UF PRO Striker X Gen.2 Combat Pants Brown Grey

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  • Striker X Gen.2 Combat Pants Brown Grey
  • Striker X Gen.2 Combat Pants Brown Grey
  • Striker X Gen.2 Combat Pants Brown Grey

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  • Description

    Optimized for Peak Performance: The 2nd Generation Combat Pants

    The new generation of Striker X Combat Pants from UF Pro, the Striker X Gen 2 Combat Pants, represent a conceptual advancement of the proven tactical pants. Specifically designed to meet the diverse challenges in extreme operational situations, these pants combine comfort, adaptability, and robust functionality, offering professionals a functional upgrade in demanding environments.

    Material Technology and Design for Maximum Operational Use

    At the heart of this innovation is the material matrix of the Striker X Gen.2 Combat Pants. This consists of a hybrid design that combines the strengths of different fabrics to achieve unparalleled performance.

    Nylon Cotton Ripstop

    The primary material is the proven Nylon Cotton Ripstop, a blend of 50% nylon and 50% cotton in ripstop weave. This combination ensures not only high tear and wear resistance but also excellent breathability and freedom of movement.

    Schoeller-Dynamic Stretch

    For areas requiring special mobility, such as the lower back and buttocks, Schoeller-Dynamic Stretch is used. This material, consisting of 92% polyamide and 8% elastane, allows for exceptional stretchability. It not only supports freedom of movement in active operational areas but also enhances wearing comfort through effective moisture regulation and breathability.

    Cordura 500 Den

    To further increase the durability of the pants, critical areas like knees and waist are reinforced with Cordura 500 Den. This material is known for its immense tear and abrasion resistance, providing additional protection in highly stressed areas. It withstands the strains of kneeling, crawling, and carrying heavily loaded duty belts.

    Designed for Unrestricted Mobility

    The Waist/Flex system with a removable belt ensures unparalleled freedom of movement and adaptability. This innovative system allows for seamless adjustment to all movements while simultaneously ensuring the secure fit of the pants and equipment - indispensable in dynamic operational situations. The core of the system is the removable Waist/Flex belt, an advancement of the proven UF Pro under-belt system. This detachable construction facilitates equipment adjustment and offers additional flexibility, especially when wearing duty belts or backpacks.

    Another highlight in terms of uncompromising fit is the Negative Curve Belt/Buckle design. It guarantees excellent fit and easy adjustability even under load, without restricting movement. This design eliminates concerns about equipment impairing freedom of movement and ensures optimal mobility.

    Special Attention to the Knee Area

    The Striker X Gen.2 Combat Pants place special emphasis on knee protection. The new 4-level knee height adjuster, strategically positioned in the robust side pocket, allows for perfect adaptation of the knee pads to individual movement patterns in operation. This feature enables operatives to focus entirely on their mission.

    The pants already include integrated lightweight knee padding, reinforced with Cordura, providing high abrasion resistance. For additional protection, wearers can choose between the UF PRO 3D tactical knee pads or the solid pads. This modular option ensures individually customizable protection for every operational situation.

    Another feature to enhance the knee region is the adjustable knee width thanks to the detachable strap adjustment system. This user-friendly system allows for quick adjustment and secures the straps with hook-and-loop for unrestricted freedom of movement in challenging terrain. This function is essential for operatives who need to quickly and efficiently adjust their equipment.

    Innovative Pocket Design for Efficient Storage

    The Striker X Gen 2 Combat Pants are tailored for operational personnel and are equipped with a thoughtful pocket design for efficient storage of gear and EDC.

    At the center of the design are the generous cargo pockets, secured by robust Canadian buttons. These pockets are not only easily accessible but are also designed to store contents securely and comfortably.

    Two equipment pockets with safety flaps offer additional protection for sensitive items such as technology and communication devices. The integrated knife pockets allow for the secure carrying of tools and equipment. Additionally, two front pockets and two back pockets provide further space for personal items and smaller gear. The pocket system is complemented by two large lower leg pockets, offering quick access to important equipment.

    The arrangement of the pockets is specifically designed so that all items are easily accessible while being securely stored. This thoughtful arrangement facilitates equipment management and increases efficiency in operation.

    Additional Features for Maximum Flexibility

    The versatile functions of the pants are complemented by boot hooks and an adjustable leg closure. These features ensure that the pants can be comfortably worn with various operational boots and offer additional adjustment options for different operational conditions.

    • Waist/Flex System
    • Detachable Waist/Flex Belt
    • Negative Curve Belt/Buckle
    • Large cargo pockets with Canadian buttons
    • Additional phone pocket
    • Ventilation zipper
    • Knee height adjustment
    • Detachable knee width regulation
    • Lower leg width regulation system
    • Cordura reinforcements
    • Lower leg pocket
    • Boot hook


    • 50% Nylon, 50% Cotton Ripstop (NyCo Ripstop)
    • Schoeller-dynamic: 92% Polyamide, 8% Elastane
    • 100% Polyamide CORDURA

    Striker X versus Striker X Gen 2

    • Field of application: military use
    • The ventilation zippers of the Striker X Gen 2 are missing in the predecessor, the Striker X.
    • The Striker X Gen.2 has a 4-level knee height adjustment, a feature not present in the Striker X.
    • The detachable knee width regulation is exclusive to the Striker X Gen.2.
  • Attributes
    Color: Olive
    Uppers: 50% Nylon, 50% Cotton Ripstop
    Type / Function: Combat pant, Combat Trousers
    Model: StrikerXGen2CombatPants
    Sex: Men
    Weight: 1,10 kg
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