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    J\'ai découvert TACWRK en allant sur le site internet de ARC\'TERYX Leaf. TACWRK propose de nombreux équipements, accessoires et vêtements militaires et outdoor de grandes marques connues pour leur qualité et leur éco-responsable. Les achats par le site internet TACWRK sont rapides et sécurisés ainsi que la livraison par un transporteur international. Vous recevez vos achats dans un packaging et vos articles sont emballés dans une poche plastique et vous avez un petit mot et des bonbons de remerciement de TACWRK pour l\'achat.
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    the product is faithful to the one described, excellent tracking service and delivery with care
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    Top Zustand und sehr zufrieden
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    Artikel bestellt, zwei Tage später war sie da. Top Ware, netter Kontakt und dann noch noch als Dankschön für die Bestellung Gummibärchen im Paket. Was will man mehr…! Ich werde wieder gerne bei euch bestellen!!! Danke dem großartigen Team!
    ShopVoter-4365097, 12.04.2024
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  • Description

    Train, Store, Rinse & Repeat

    Gym, equipment and storage in one space-saving box - sounds too good to be true? Nope. BeaverFit has delivered once again and found a minimalist solution to your space problem with the Shred Shed. Up to 30 people can sweat it out on this military fitness training system - and then neatly pack their equipment away in the shed. The Shred Shed can be purchased in three versions: The storage shed alone, the shed with the BeaverFit training rigs (Light Package), or the shed including rigs and all training equipment and weights (Heavy Package).

    Storage Box, Light Version or Heavy Version options

    The Shred Shed is built around a Centre Piece - the actual storage box made of weatherproof, hot-dip galvanized & powder-coated steel. Shelves and barbell trays hold your dumbbells, barbells, medicine balls, etc. in place and keep them packed away neatly. The box is locked with a numeric code.

    When combined with the BeaverFit Training Rig, the storage box becomes a full Functional Fitness Station that is not only ultra-stable, but can be safely erected on uneven terrain thanks to adjustable foot pegs. With Rig, the Shred Shed can already perform quite a bit: J-Pegs, a Dip Bar, Landmine and Climbing Wing, as well as a Wall Ball Target are all integrated.

    If you want to have the Shed fully equipped at your training site, BeaverFit supplies equipment for the pros: For strength training and weight sessions, various kettlebells and bumper plates are included, as well as Olympic bars, a bench and gymnastic rings. For bodyweight and conditioning days, there's a wall ball, battle rope and skipping ropes. And because recovery and mobility are key in any functional workout, resistance bands in various strengths are also included.

    The ultimately modular Shred Shed is THE solution for those who want to get by with limited space and need a secure solution for equipment and workout station. With the BeaverFit logo on the front and back, there is the option for you to have your own branding applied to the sides. For all trainers, mobile gym fanatics and functional fitness geeks, this is a sweet opportunity to place your advertising.

    And for the entrepreneurs among you: The container is eligible for funding under the Überbrückungshilfe III program.

    Shred Shed
    - Shelves
    - Bumper Plate Shelf
    - Barbell Hanger

    With Training Rig (Light Package)
    - J-Pegs (in set)
    - Dip Bar
    - Landmine
    - Jump Platform
    - Safety Squat Arm (Pair)
    - Wall Ball Target

    Equipment (Heavy Package)
    - Kettlebell 8kg, 12kg, 16kg,20kg, 24kg
    - Olympic Bars
    - Bumper Plates 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 25kg (Pair)
    - BeaverFit Flat Bench
    - Olympic Collars
    - Gymnastic Rings
    - Battle Rope
    - Wall Ball 8kg
    - Resistance Bands
    - Skipping Rope
  • Attributes
    Color: Black
    Model: Shred Shed
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