BeaverFit Mobile FOB 5

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    Get ripped with the Beaverfit mobile fitness container

    Get Beaver fit with the maximum mobile and modular BeaverFit FOB 5 Folding Locker. No more excuses! The sports container for outdoor fitness action and military fitness training is simply attached to your SUP as a car trailer and taken along - to your camping site, training camp or to the park, to the beach or to mom`s garden. Pack your boys and your plate carriers and warm up, as the mobile fitness container is set up in no time and just as quickly gone again - no matter on what terrain and no matter what surface. Perfect, therefore, for all those who want to choose the most interesting places for their outdoor gym sessions - or for all those whose missions send them into the unknown from time to time.

    Functional Fitness Box for any terrain and any weather

    The smart and customizable workout construction is packaged in a small cargo container that not only withstands rain, snow and hail with its hot-dipped galvanized and powder-coated structural bridge steel, but is also built to withstand rough transport and use. It's not for nothing that Beaverfit is a supplier to military troops worldwide.

    Military Fitness and Functional Training have been replacing classic gym training for a long time: To achieve maximum training success with your own body weight and limited weights and equipment is the absolute go-to of all military professionals, commandos or fitness enthusiasts. Good equipment and safe devices are key and on top of that, the simultaneous use with as many people as possible should be possible. Beaverfit has convinced for over 10 years and is rightly the market leader in the field of sports containers and outdoor workout stations.

    Training equipment and your own logo for your business

    With the mobile fitness box, the classic Beaverfit container has been transformed into a pocket format that doesn't sacrifice functionality and lets you perform your pull ups, wall balls and dead lifts side by side and at varying intensities.

    Classic equipment such as pull-up bars, plyo boxes, dip bars, a weight bench, dumbbells and kettle bells make the training possibilities almost endless. Individual and modular training, wherever and whenever. And best of all, you can have your own branding or logo added, so you can promote your sports club or fitness business right on the road.

    We all had to rethink our fitness program in the pandemic - but with the Beaverfit Container, a fallback solution becomes a mega flexible permanent solution that contains room for many incredibly good ideas.

    And speaking of good ideas: The container is eligible for funding of up to €20,000 as part of Überbrückungshilfe III.

    - FOB 5 with trailer
    - Dip Bar
    - J-Peg (in pair)
    - Safety Squat Arms (in pair)
    - Jump Platform
    - Wall-Ball-Target
    - Ammo Cans 15 kg and 25 kg
    - Olympic Bar + Collars
    - Bumper Plates 1,25kg, 2,5kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg (each in pair)
    - Kettlebell 5kg, 10kg, 15kg
    - Climbing Rope
    - Medicine ball 8kg, 12kg
    - Yoga Mats
    - Skipping Rope
    - Battle Rope 38mm
    - Olympic Rings (wood and plastic)
    - Sling Trainer
    - Adjustable Benches
    - Rubber Dumbbell 2,5kg, 5kg, 7,5kg, 10kg, 12,5kg, 15kg (in pair)
    - Weight Belt
    - Liquid Chalk
    - Jump Boxes
    - Resistance Band Set
    - Weight Vest (15-20kg)
    - Transport Box (aluminum)
    - Music Box
  • Attributes
    Material: bridge structural steel
    Model: FOB 5
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