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    Soldier Basic Fitness Tool

    Based on the basic fitness test of the German Bundeswehr, the SGT Set offers the possibility of mapping various typical soldier tasks and their specific movement patterns in a thoroughly simplified testing framework. In this way, the performance of each soldier can be effectively determined in order to ultimately adapt training and education to the individual requirements and associated goals of the service member.

    Sport motor activity = "Flecktarn motor activity"

    The individual tasks of the SGT Set are performed in a field suit, helmet and weight vest with a total weight of about 20 kg. Consisting of 4 different modules, the Soldier Basic Fitness Tool is intended to reflect the physical requirement profile of general military efforts in the field. Dynamic movement sequences with full equipment while working with loads simulate the holistic load of the soldier in the field.

    Module A: Moving in terrain

    Here, a course with changes of direction and position over 130 m has to be completed. This module partially simulates firefighting.

    Module B: Pulling loads

    This exercise serves the rescue of persons. Here 50 kg have to be pulled over 40 m.

    Module C: Carrying loads

    This module also simulates the rescue of persons, but also the transport of material. Here, a load of 2x 18 kg is carried over 100 m.

    Module D: Lifting and setting down loads

    In this task, a load of 24 kg has to be lifted five times to a height of 1.25 m. This height corresponds to the middle loading sill. This height corresponds to the average loading height of common emergency vehicles. The soldier thus trains material loading as well as personal rescue.

    Simple and resource-saving

    The original task was to develop a mission-oriented, extended fitness test that could be carried out anywhere within the German Armed Forces while requiring as little time, personnel and financial resources as possible. The SGT fulfills this mission in its entirety and contributes to the personal optimization of each individual soldier in the best possible way through its fundamentally analytical results.

    The SGT set includes the following components:

    • 1x grid box with chassis and multiplex plate
    • 2x NATO plastic canister 20 LIter (gravel filling 18 kg; also available as metal canister)
    • 2x NATO plastic canister 20 liters (gravel filling 24 kg; also available as metal canister)
    • 1x weight vest 13 kg (5.11 Tactical Plate Carrier + 2x Beaverfit weight plates)
    • 1x pull pouch (TT Pull Bag)
    • 1x tractor tire
    • 9x pylons according to TL
    • 1x Marking cap set
    • 1x stopwatch
    • 1x tape measure 50 m

    If you have any questions about the SGT set and its components, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

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