BeaverFit FOB 20 Fitness-Container

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  • FOB 20 Fitness-Container
  • FOB 20 Fitness-Container
  • FOB 20 Fitness-Container
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  • Description
    With the fitness container FOB Locker 20, BeaverFit has developed a compact, mobile gym that sets a trend in military fitness and provides a full workout station for functional and military fitness. The sports container is equipped with an extensive selection of different sports equipment and different weights. From circuit training to personal training units, small group training or group training, a distinct functional training is made possible - no matter where, when and under which spatial scope.

    BeaverFit provides a workout station that serves 30-180 people and is characterized by modularity and effectiveness. The sports container meets the requirements of high-intensity interval training, which leads to maximum training success in military sports. The basic idea of functional training is that variable weights guarantee a consistent high level of training that can be varied individually. With pull-up bars, medicine balls for exercises such as wall balls, dumbbells and weight benches, sling trainers, Kettle Bells etc., a training program at the highest level can be put together.

    BeaverFit's innovation is to integrate all the equipment required for training into a minimalist yet complex workout station that corresponds to a compact gym. The fitness container can be used in the flexible manner that functional training requires - a real revolution for military fitness in the field. The BeaverFit sports container takes up minimal space and can be set up within 60 minutes, regardless of the area of application or spatial limitations.

    Transportation to the site is uncomplicated and simple. The military has strict guidelines regarding transport and logistics and BeaverFit has designed its FOB 20 to meet them: The sports container is light and suitable for transport by road, rail and air. The boxes are safe and stable. The fully functional, mobile gym is available in four different versions, all of which allow functional training for 30-180 people.

    All boxes are equipped with the fitness equipment. You will receive free introductory training for each version.

    If you have any questions about this product, please do not hesitate to contact us: [email protected]

    The BeaverFit fitness container is protected by a utility model and exclusively available in Germany at TACWRK!

    The Forward Operating Base Locker 20 (FOB 20) contains the following functional fitness sports equipment:

    1x Introduction
    1x Cab
    1x coat
    1x FTR
    3x dip bar
    2x Jump Platform
    1x Grappler
    1x Wall Ball
    2x Safety Squat Bar
    1x Tactical Gym Box
    1x Commander FTR
    8x Alpha Bags L
    8x Alpha Bags S
    12x Sling Trainer
    1x Hybrid Sled
    2x Viper belt
    2x Battle Rope
    2x resistor bands set
    2x 10kg medicine ball
    2x bench
    4x Olympic rings
    Kettle bells: 4x 12 kg, 4x 16 kg, 4x 20 kg, 4x 24 kg
    Bumper plates: 16x 5 kg, 16x 10 kg, 12x 15 kg, 8x 20 kg, 8x 25 kg
    8x Collar Sets
    8x Olympic Bar, Elite Steel 7ft
  • Attributes
    Dimensions: approx. H 6 x L 6 x B 2,5 m
    Model: FOB
    Weight: 4.681,07 kg
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