BeaverFit TGB Tactical Gymnasium Box

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    Durable. Moveable. Effective. Front line fitness at its most innovative. - Prize unfilled 4.400€

    The Tactical Gymnasium Box TGB Single Rack HEAVY EDITION provides the benefits of functional fitness training but in a highly transportable format. It is compact enough to fit inside a Land Rover and can be set up and in use within 10 minutes of arrival. Designed for a Squad of 8-12, the TGB combines a basic FTR with supporting gym equipment and is available in Army and Lite models. The latest model also has safety squat bars for a squat rack and a dip bar, making the TGB extremely functional.

    These can be connected together, back to band and or side to side with joining pull up bars, so you can build a Functional training rig within minutes

    The TGB contains everything you need as a unit to develop and increase your strength, stamina, power and endurance.

    - Specifically developed for the armed forces
    - A fully functional and unique mobile gym
    - This Product has originally been designed to meet the needs of the British military
    - Fully inclusive of everything a squad needs to develop their functional fitness
    - Designed, manufactured and delivered by BeaverFit
    - The TGB is proven to help increase the strength, stamina, power and endurance of your personnel

    The Tactical Gymnasium Box HEAVY EDITION includes:
    1 x Instruction Manual
    1 x Dip-Bar Atttachment
    1 x Safety Squat Arms/J-Peg Atttachment
    1 x 12kg Kettlebell
    1 x 16kg Kettlebell
    1 x Boxing Glove (Pair)
    2 x Thai Pads
    2 x Skipping Rope
    1 x Olympic Rings
    1 x Battle Rope

    *Especially for this item we recommend our authority-discount! All military, police, and other authority members save 20% for specific items at TACWRK. Simply inquire at [email protected] via E-Mail and we will gladly inform you can receive your discount when placing an order.

    PLEASE NOTE: Not all shown items in the video are necessarily part of this edition. Please check the list of included features for reference.

    Delivery as pallet shipment. The costs for this are determined daily.

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