BeaverFit FOB 5 Fitness-Container

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  • FOB 5 Fitness-Container
  • FOB 5 Fitness-Container
  • FOB 5 Fitness-Container
  • Description
    The BeaverFit Fitness Container FOB Locker is a fitness concept for military sports, which is characterized by its modularity and effectiveness. The container provides a variety of fitness equipment and fitness variants in a compact, mobile fitness studio. BeaverFit has developed a sports module that provides functional training in a mobile studio that is easy to transport - packed in a container.

    In the past years, the understanding and practice of weight training, general fitness and effective cardio training has changed fundamentally. From the stationary set-up in the gym, there is an increasing movement towards functional training. Functional and military sports require minimal but effective equipment and can be practiced as effectively as possible not only in personal training sessions or small group training, but just as well in a group workout. With a few training stations, functional fitness is focuses on strength training, circuit training, and endurance programs. The trick is to achieve a high intensity interval training with variable weights that guarantees a consistently high level of intensity and can be varied individually.

    The idea of putting functional training into a well thought-out workout station and developing a compact gym that is as flexible as the workout itself is just as ingenious as it is a real revolution for military fitness in use. No matter in which area of operation or under which spatial conditions, the BeaverFit fitness container is a training station for military and functional fitness, which can be used modularly and can train up to 180 persons on the different versions.

    The strict requirements of the military are met here by sophisticated and simple logistics: the sports container is easy to move and suitable for transport by road, rail and air. The boxes are safe and stable and equipped with everything that MilFit requires: Pull-up bars, medicine balls for exercises such as wall balls, weight benches, sling trainers, kettle bells etc. The special feature of the fitness container is that it can be assembled within 60 minutes and can therefore be used with maximum flexibility. The fully functional, mobile gym is available in four different versions, all of which allow functional training for 30-180 people.

    All boxes are equipped with the fitness equipment listed. You will receive free introductory training for each version.

    If you have any questions about this product, please do not hesitate to contact us: [email protected]

    The BeaverFit fitness container is protected by a utility model and exclusively available in Germany at TACWRK!

    The Forward Operating Base Locker 5 (FOB 5) contains the following functional fitness sports equipment:

    1x Introduction
    1x Dip Bar
    1x Jump Platform
    1x Grappler
    1x Wall Ball
    1x Safety Squat Bar
    2x Alpha Bags L
    2x Alpha Bags S
    4x Sling Trainer
    1x Viper belt
    1x Battle rope
    1x resistance bands
    1x 10kg medicine ball
    1x olympic rings
    kettle bells: 2x 12 kg, 2x 16 kg, 2x 20 kg, 2x 24 kg
    Bumper plates: 6x 5 kg, 6x 10 kg, 6x 15 kg, 4x 20 kg, 4x 25 kg
    2x Collar Sets
    2x Olympic Bar, Elite Steel 7ft
  • Attributes
    Dimensions: approx. H 2,8 x L 2,4 x B 1,5 m / 82" x 96" x 57"
    Model: FOB
    Weight: 1.587,57 kg
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