YOUNIX Agility Cones

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  • Description

    PVC cones for more mobility

    The Agility Cones by Younix are the constant companion of all functional fitness units. As simple in their purpose as they are robust in their quality: the cones are made of extremely durable PVC, which means that even if an athlete steps on one of the cones in the heat of the moment, the material will not break. With good visibility thanks to different colours, whether they are set up in the hall, on the green lawn or in the sand.

    Indefinite options

    No matter what level of performance: mobility and agility are the be-all and end-all of every sport and every successful athlete. Mobility exercises with the colourful cones are used for speed and agility training and leave room for the trainee's imagination: training can be done in countless configurations or patterns, with different intensity and body position exercises.

    Whether with bear crawls, slalom or shuttle runs - the drills with the colourful cones take training to the next level. In addition, the cones increase training safety: Many injuries occur due to a lack of balance. Flexibility training with cones develops balance, control, strength and agility, even in explosive movements.

    • Height: 20 cm
    • Diameter: 5 cm
    • Material: PVC
  • Attributes
    Color: Multicolor
    Diameter (mm): 50
    Dimensions: Height: 200 mm
    Material: PVC
    Sex: Unisex
    Weight: 1,50 kg
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