UF PRO Delta AcE Plus Jacket Gen.3 Brown Grey

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  • Delta AcE Plus Jacket Gen.3 Brown Grey
  • Delta AcE Plus Jacket Gen.3 Brown Grey
  • Delta AcE Plus Jacket Gen.3 Brown Grey

  • Description

    Winter jacket with a technical upgrade

    To make its Delta AcE Plus Tactical Winter Jacket even better, even more cold-resistant and even more water-resistant, UF Pro has given its classic a technical facelift: The Delta AcE Tactical Winter Jacket Gen 3 comes with a refined base material that is now even more water-repellent and even more windproof, and which is also even more efficient with improved thermal insulation made from merino wool. With a new waterproof hood, the 3rd generation jacket brings even more performance, no matter how tough the weather conditions.

    Hybrid design

    The basic idea behind the upgrade of the Delta AcE Plus was to develop a hybrid design that fully satisfies both warmth and moisture management. Both the insulation and the lining have been technically refined so that breathability and thermal insulation are now set factors.

    Outer material

    When it comes to the outer material, the Delta AcE Plus Gen.3 winter jacket has a particularly windproof and water-repellent structure, as it is made of 100% nylon and coated with a PU membrane. Whether in freezing rain, snow or cutting wind, the Outer Shell protects the body from the elements. However, although the outer shell is 100% waterproof, the seams are not laminated. This is in the spirit of breathability, but means that in extreme wet conditions water can enter through the seams, the jacket cannot replace a rain jacket.


    UF Pro has used high-performance G-LOFT for the insulation of the sleeves. The synthetic fibre consists of hollow fibres in which the body heat is trapped and retained, but without absorbing moisture. The heat produced by the body is therefore retained, but the performance of the insulating material is not restricted, even in heavy snow or rain.


    The new lining of the Delta AcE Plus Gen 3 is a Cocona-Merino blend that is not only particularly comfortable against the skin, but also performs exceptionally well due to its natural moisture management. Even during demanding activity, the Cocoa merino transports moisture to the outside and keeps the wearer dry and thus warm.
    Strategically placed 3D mesh inserts ensure that excess heat is dissipated and moisture management remains stable.

    Padding at stress points

    To provide relief when carrying a heavy plate carrier or backpack, the patented UF Pro air/pac padding is used on the shoulders and back.


    A kangaroo pocket with Cocona fleece lining keeps hands warm even without gloves.

    Waterproof hood

    An addition to the Delta AcE Plus Gen.3 winter jacket is the waterproof hood, which is seam-sealed and 100% waterproof. At the same time, visibility is maintained at all times, as the UF Pro Hood/Harness system ensures that the hood follows the movement of the head exactly when turning, tilting and tipping. Although the hood is not removable, it can easily be tucked into the collar.

    A wide variety of scenarios in a wide range of weather conditions can be easily managed with the waterproof and windproof cold weather jacket. It can also be folded up small and, thanks to the structure of the G-Loft insulation, can be fully decompressed again every time without damage.

    • Hybrid design for maximum freedom of movement
    • 100% windproof and highly water-repellent outer fabric
    • High-performance, thermally insulated sleeves
    • Excellent thermal management
    • Double-functional kangaroo pocket with Cocona fleece and mesh material
    • Removable UF PRO air/pac inserts in shoulder and upper back area
    • Waterproof hood with integrated hood/harness system
    • Upper arm pocket
  • Attributes
    Color: Olive
    Model: DeltaAcEPlusJacketGen.3
    Material: Outer fabric: 100% nylon; Lining: Cocona Merino; Insulation: G-Loft
    Sex: Men
    Type / Function: Cold weather jacket
    Weight: 1,00 kg
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    3XL deliverable in 2-3 business days €289.90
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