TASMANIAN TIGER TT Base Pack 52 Multicam

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  • TT Base Pack 52 Multicam
  • TT Base Pack 52 Multicam
  • TT Base Pack 52 Multicam
  • TT Base Pack 52 Multicam
  • TT Base Pack 52 Multicam

  • Description

    Gigantic mission backpack

    The TT Base Pack 52 is not only a gigantic addition to Tasmanian Tiger's family of mission backpacks, it`s also available in Multicam, making it the dream of your demanding special missions. In the segment of mission and combat backpacks, the pack can be loaded with up to 52 liters of volume. With the adjustable roll-top snow guard, however, even a few more liters can be added and the backpack can be increased to 65 liters. With a top-notch carrying system, modular packing space and the robust structure of the Cordura 500 den a mission backpack for eternity.

    Centre Piece Main Compartment

    Main features of the TT Base Pack 52 are its uncomplicated usable main compartment, the separately usable lid compartment and the separable bottom compartment. The main compartment of the toploader is straight forward and has space for limitless additions: The M.O.L.L.E system on the entire outside of the Base Pack helps it to a flexible modularity. Inside, a hydration system preparation and cable outlets are provided.

    If the main compartment is not fully packed, it can be pulled together and compressed in volume with the compression straps on the side. However, if it is going to be fully utilized and even additional pockets are to be attached, the specially designed TT Tac Pouch 15 BSP set comes into play. The two side pockets are attached with M.O.L.L.E and bring another 14 liters of volume each (Tac Pouch 15 BSP Set is not included). Gear loops and a holder for a hiking pole or ice axe complete the modularity of the combat backpack on the outside.

    Integratable bottom compartment

    The Base Pack's bottom compartment connects to the main compartment with a zipper and can be integrated into the main compartment, or zipped off from it.

    Lid compartment and snow guard

    Finally, the Base Pack's lid compartment and snow guard are the repositories of optional pack space. The height-adjustable lid compartment is trimmed with M.O.L.L.E strips and can thus accommodate even additional equipment. However, it can also be used as a standalone bag: As a Medic bag, for example, it is easily and quickly detached from the main compartment with the click fasteners and used as a stand-alone accessory bag. With a circumferential zipper, the compartment can be opened completely and can thus be especially important for quickly identifiable small parts.

    Directly under the lid is the roll-top snow guard. Whether the backpack is used with or without the lid compartment does not matter for the contents, because the snow guard can serve as a closure in any case. The roll-top snow guard is also where the 13 liters of extra volume are located, which unfolds through the two different closure positions of the roll-top. The large main compartment is also accessed through the snow guard.

    Carrying system and hip belt

    With 65 liters, the Base Pack backpack brings quite a bit of weight on the scale, so the question of transport is central. Tasmanian Tiger has relied here on the TT V2 Plus carrying system, which guarantees a good weight balance on shoulders and hips according to ergonomic specifications and anatomical design.

    The V2 Plus system has a particularly high attachment point, which allows him to choose a wide range of adjustment for any back length. Whatever the body size, the strategically padded back ergonomically adapts to the body and transfers the load balancing on the padded shoulder straps and the hip belt.

    The hip belt is composed of two tapered, padded hip wings that can be removed. Because they are equipped with the MO.L.L.E.System on the back, the wings of the hip belt can also be used as a Warrior Belt.

    With a simple system of modular packing space and its flexible usability of the total volume, the TT Base Pack is an extremely resilient operational backpack for long missions with extensive luggage. Measurable in volume to the TT Pathfinder, the TT Base Pack brings a good alternative into play that is an interesting innovation for mission operations, especially in Multicam.

    • V2 Plus Carrying System
    • Fixation for hiking poles or ice axes
    • Volume expandable from 52 l to 65 l with roll-top snow guard
    • Roll-top snow guard (without lid) can be used in two locking positions
    • Height adjustable chest belt
    • Removable, padded hip belt
    • Side compression straps
    • Compression around perimeter of base
    • Lid with gear loops
    • Easy-access pocket on top of lid
    • Height adjustable, detachable lid
    • Hydration system compatible
    • Gear loops
    • Antenna ports into the main compartment
    • Hip belt can be used separately as a warrior belt
    • M.O.L.L.E system on all the important attachment areas

  • Attributes
    Color: Multicam
    Volume (liters): 52 l (65 l)
    Dimensions: 74 x 31 x 21 cm
    Material: CORDURA® 500 den
    Brand: Tasmanian Tiger
    Model: TTBasePack
    Sex: Unisex
    Type / Function: Duty Backpack
    Weight: 2,67 kg
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TASMANIAN TIGER - TT Base Pack 52 Multicam