Carinthia Defence 4 185 Olive

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  • Defence 4 185 Olive
  • Defence 4 185 Olive
  • Defence 4 185 Olive
  • Description
    The Defence 4 is the most popular and best-selling all-round sleeping bag with excellent weight to stuff size and performance ratio. It is a well-established, treeseason sleeping bag that has proven to be 100% reliable on cold nights both in the wilderness and in snow caves. A protection flap on the outer side of the ziper keeps out wind and wetness.
    The outer shell is a super-light, highly resistant, microfibre nylon with a fine microporous coating which makes it waterproof. There is a generous draft tube on the inside of the zipper to prevent heat loss at the zipper.

    Manufactured from high-quality bi-component polymers, the structure of G-LOFT insulation is in fact similar in many ways to high-quality goose down. The 3-dimensional crimping ensures maximum resilience and loft.

    Even when the sleeper moves about compressing the inner layer of insulation, the sleeping bag’s warmth is retained. Successive insulating layers are cut more generously. This ensures the greatest loft in all areas and in every position. Additional air cushions form between the various layers. Movement inside the sleeping bag creates pressure points, but with our differential cut only the innermost layer is compressed. The outer layers retain their loft and therefore their insulating properties.

    Thermoflect increases the heat retention of a sleeping bag by around 11 %. Thermoflect is our solution to heat loss due to body radiation. Thermoflect is an ultra-light, ultra-soft, breathable scrim with the unique ability to reflect body-heat.

    Experience has shown that the trapezoidal cut provides the ultimate foot space. In a normal sleeping position, the feet do not poke the insulation outward, avoiding cold spots. There is also enough room to store a shoe bag or extra clothing.

    Here the criteria of stuff size, weight and warmth are most important. The tapered foot section reduces weight and stuff size. The main advantage is, however, that from the knee downwards there is increasingly less internal volume to keep warm. The foot section should not be so small that the feet cause the layers of insulation to poke out. A trapezoidal foot section has proven to be ideal. A wedge shape, declining evenly in width from top to bottom, does not fit the true proportions of the body.

    In this lightweight design, the outer shell is loosely attached to the bag. The G-LOFT ISO+ filling is quilted to an insulating scrim. As a result, an additional air pocket is formed between the quilted insulation layer and the shell, yet no cold seams can occur.

    Two G-LOFT Plus insulation layers are arranged in such a way that the quilting is offset. The shell is attached afterwards, creating a further layer of air between the quilted insulation and the shell. With no stitch perforations in the shell, it is relatively water and airtight.

    TRIPLE-LAYER SANDWICH CONSTRUCTION WITH LOOSE SHELL The three G-LOFT Plus insulation layers have offset quilting. The shell is not quilted with the filling, but attached later. This provides an air cushion between the insulation and the shell. With no stitch perforations in the shell, it is relatively water and airtight.

    All Carinthia military sleeping bags are equipped with a two way zipper. The glider on the top does not snag, allowing a quick step out if necessary (in case of alert for example). The glider on the down side does stick and can be opened for ventilation.

    Some of our sleeping bags can be combined to a sleeping bag system. Such a system can be used as a 4 Season Sleeping Bag and allows you to carry only the weight and the bulk necessary for the prevailing temperatures.

    PLEASE NOTE: our TACWRK BlackCard or CamoCard discounts do not apply for items by Carinthia!

  • Attributes
    Color: Olive
    Temperature range: -15° C
    Dimensions: 215 x 84 x 57 cm
    Pack size: 23 x 38 cm
    Material: Außenmaterial: 100% Polyamid | Innenmaterial: 100% Polyamid | Füllung: 100% Polyester
    Model: Defence 4 185
    Weight: 1,85 kg
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  • Customer reviews

    André F 3 January 2022

    Ich will hier kein Glaubensbekenntnis abgeben, sondern nur meine Meinung. Ich weiß, dass dieser Schlafsack geliebt oder gehasst wird. Dazwischen gibt es kaum etwas. Ich habe auch keine Vergleichsmöglichkeit innerhalb der gleichen Produktsparten (militärischer Schlafsack dieser Leistungsklasse) und brauche auch aktuell keine. Dazu muss ich noch ergänzen, dass ich persönlich aber auch gar nichts auf Comfort- / Limit - / Extremtemperaturbereiche gebe. Das sind normierte Laborwerte, die bestenfalls Anhaltspunkte sein können. In der Wirklichkeit sieht die Sache individuell sehr unterschiedlich aus. Während mir noch kuschelig warm ist, stirbt der weibliche Part schon den Kältetod :-) Ich kenne den Schlafsack noch aus meiner Militärzeit und schon da hat er mir gute Dienste geleistet, sodass ich bzw. wir ihn mitlerweile auch privat nutzen. Was einem klar sein muss: Die Funktion folgt hier dem Design. Ja, das Ding hat ein Packmaß, wie ein Putzeimer. Ja, das Ding wiegt so viel wie ein ordentlicher Ziegelstein. Der Schlafsack ist aber deutlich pflegeleichter, als es jeder Daunenschlafsack sein könnte (richtige Lagerung vorausgesetzt). Er verzeiht auch Fehler in der Benutzung, und ist sehr robust. Die Verarbeitung und die Reißverschlüsse sind herausragend. Und die Farbgebung gefällt mir. Ich liebe diesen Olivton irgendwie :-) Wem das klar ist, wird sich über ein hervorragendes Produkt freuen. Wer in Richtung ultraleicht unterwegs ist - definitiv Finger weg. Wir haben auf unserem Youtube-Kanal auch ein Video zu dem Schlafsack gemacht. Wer es sich ansehen möchte, sucht einfach nach "Wandereisvogel". Show more Show less


    Alexandru R 9 March 2018


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