Carinthia Tropen 185 Woodland

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  • Tropen 185 Woodland
  • Tropen 185 Woodland
  • Tropen 185 Woodland
  • Tropen 185 Woodland
  • Tropen 185 Woodland
  • Tropen 185 Woodland
  • Description

    Summer Sleeping Bag in Woodland Camo

    In keeping with the tropical heat of the summer and right on time with the start of the summer vacations, Carinthia brings its Tropen Sleeping Bag in trendy vintage camo to the country's camp sites! Those who slumber under the stars in the Central European heat or even bed down in humid tropical climates can enjoy the slim pack size and very light weight of the Carinthia Tropical Sleeping Bag in Woodland.

    Material and insulation

    The high-performance outer shell made of Shelltrans, together with the G-Loft insulation, provide a smart insulation concept that generates heat, but still has a special vapor permeability. For the necessary warmth, the extra-light Thermoflect cotton fiber reflects the heat radiation emitted by the body for improved heat retention.

    If, on the other hand, ventilation is to be regulated a little more, the lower part of the 2-way zipper provides more air in a very uncomplicated way: the divisible 2-way zipper is used for micro-climate management. It can be adjusted for optimal ventilation of the sleeping bag. A clamp protection tape provides here for the clamp-free opening & closing of the zipper.

    Construction single layer

    The material is arranged as a single-layer construction. This means that the outer shell is loosely attached to the inners of the sleeping bag, giving the G-Loft fiber all the space it needs to fully unfold. The outer shell thus uncomplicatedly provides an extra layer of insulation, which is especially comfortable on surprisingly cool nights and in the morning dew.

    Combination to 4-season sleeping bag

    The Tropen sleeping bag can be used in combination with the legendary Carinthia Defence 4 mummy sleeping bag. Simply combining the two sleeping bags creates a superior 4-season sleeping system that provides warm, well protected nights down to well below -15, even in the most adverse conditions.

    Mosquito net

    The head area is equipped with a functional mosquito net for defying nightly mozzie attacks; this keeps spiders and creepy crawlies out and prevents unpleasant and sometimes dangerous bites.

    Thanks to the included stuff sack, the Carinthia Tropen can be transported uncomplicated, compact and safe. As always, the G-Loft synthetic fiber is fully ready to decompress even after the umpteenth compression.

    Carinthia Camo-Matrix

    Woodland is the highlight of the so-called Camo Matrix from Carinthia, with which the possible uses of the products for a wide variety of applications have been expanded. The absolutely timeless camo classic M81 Woodland is not only the mother of all camos and as a vintage borrowing a real style classic. It also concludes the expansion of the requirement profiles and places of use of equipment and clothing with its usual high-contrast 4-color pattern.

    Within the camo matrix, previously unavailable, field-tested and proven camo variants have been exclusively matched to the most common operational regions in the European area, enabling an optimal camouflage effect at any time of year and in any operational area.

    From Multicam and its sub-variants Multicam Alpine and Multicam Black to the Bundeswehr's 5-color Flecktarn, most Carinthia products are now available.

    • Lightweight Mummy Sleeping Bag
    • Ideal for cool summer nights
    • Increased vapor permeability
    • Shelltrans outer shell
    • G-Loft insulation
    • Single-layer construction
    • Two-way zipper
    • Pinch tape
    • Thermoflect
    • Optimal ventilation
    • Zipper heat strip
    • Trapezoid foot construction
    • Ultra compact pack size
    • 2-way zipper
    • Mosquito mesh
    • Comfort range: + 5°C

    NOTE: Discounts through our TACWRK customer cards possible don't apply to Carinthia products!

  • Attributes
    Color: Woodland
    Pack size: 19 x 24 cm
    Material: Außenmaterial: 100% Polyamid | Innenmaterial: 100% Polyamid | Füllung: 100% Polyester
    Temperature range: Comfort Limit: +5,1°C / Extreme: -7,9°C
    Dimensions: Inner dimensions: 20 x 85 x 60 cm
    Model: Tropen 185
    Sex: Unisex
    Weight: 1,10 kg
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