TT Highlights 2023

With nothing less than a Franconian-accurate precision landing at this year's IWA, Tasmanian Tiger has released the first glimpse of its new product line for the year 2023. Masterly consistent product presentations have brought the professionals on land and on water to their toes, leaving them in blissful anticipation of their boldest gear ideas coming true. We are off the annual hook just as much, and are excited to finally set the stage for a collection of exceptionally application-specific systems and series that shine with individual-modular principles for professional scenarios.

The new ZP zip system around the Zip-On plate carrier lets special units reach for the stars of accurate load-out planning, while amphibious mission operators, pardon the pun, dive into the seawater-resistant options of the Anfibia collection. Urban missions and apocalyptic asphalt adventures in city backyards get a functional facelift as well and shine with new gear combos and minimalist kits. New year, new challenges, new lessons, new gear.

Tasmanian Tiger Novelties 2023 - Sondereinsatz Collection
Tasmanian Tiger Novelties 2023 - Sondereinsatz Collection

SE Collection

Tasmanian Tiger continues to consistently expand the segment of tactical gear and, with the overarching ZP series, now offers a plate carrier with a quick zip system, which can be fully equipped and completely converted in just a few steps thanks to the different zip-on modules and depending on the demanded requirement. Whether for medical emergencies, opening scenarios or weapon specialists: With the TT Operator Pack ZP, TT Medic Assault Pack S ZP and TT Tool Pack ZP, three freely configurable Zip-On options are available to the user.

The TT Medic Mascal Pack is one of the core pieces of the SE collection with its function for rapid management of mobile and static conflict situations.


Tasmanian Tiger Novelties 2023 - Urban Survival Collection

Urban Survival Collection

In the area of gear for urban survival missions, the TT Tac Pouch 16 Pad VL addresses increasingly complex electronics loadouts, while the TT Modular Tele Insert specifically addresses the most creative camera setups, adding several more angles of modularity to any TT Modular Pack 30. Last but not least, the TT Tac Pouch 8.1 Hip closes our hit list of novelties with a banging "best of both worlds": With its integrated belt and M.O.L.L.E system, it adds a tactical modular model to the range of Fanny Packs and brings a breath of fresh air to any tactical combination work.

In the area of personal equipment, the ultra-discreet TT Survival Pack with its compact-reduced design creates the opportunity of packing user-defined contents in a targeted manner.


Tasmanian Tiger Novelties 2023 - Anfibia Collection
Tasmanian Tiger Novelties 2023 - Anfibia Collection

Anfibia Collection

With smart construction and high-performance drainage, Tasmanian Tiger's Anfibia collection is dedicated to professional over-the-beach missions, providing the right gear for all forces that move between water and shore. The Tasmanian Tiger Anfibia series is now complemented by the optimised TT Plate Carrier QR SK Anfibia MK II, a new interchangeable front panel and corresponding magazine pouches. Furthermore, the TT Tac Pouch 18 Anfibia is a specifically designed pouch for the TT Plate Carrier QR SK Anfibia MK II. The compact and foldable depot and drop bag TT Dump Pouch Anfibia offers space for material secured in action as well as for empty magazines; it rounds off the Amphibia Collection in exemplary fashion.


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