TASMANIAN TIGER TT Base Pack 75 Coyote Brown

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  • TT Base Pack 75 Coyote Brown
  • TT Base Pack 75 Coyote Brown
  • TT Base Pack 75 Coyote Brown
  • TT Base Pack 75 Coyote Brown
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    Top Shop mit top Produkten. Bin absoluter Fan von Tasmanian Tiger und davon gibts hier im Shop viel. Versand und Service auch top!
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    Sehr freundliches Personal, problemloser Umtausch, tolle Produkte. Hier kauft man gerne ein.
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    J\'ai découvert TACWRK en allant sur le site internet de ARC\'TERYX Leaf. TACWRK propose de nombreux équipements, accessoires et vêtements militaires et outdoor de grandes marques connues pour leur qualité et leur éco-responsable. Les achats par le site internet TACWRK sont rapides et sécurisés ainsi que la livraison par un transporteur international. Vous recevez vos achats dans un packaging et vos articles sont emballés dans une poche plastique et vous avez un petit mot et des bonbons de remerciement de TACWRK pour l\'achat.
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    the product is faithful to the one described, excellent tracking service and delivery with care
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    Top Zustand und sehr zufrieden
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  • Description

    Innovative High-Performance Tactical Backpack

    As a groundbreaking new addition to the TT tactical backpack series, the TT Base Pack 75 confidently takes its place at the forefront of modular and expandable backpacks. Designed as the larger sibling to last year's TT Base Pack 52, this backpack boasts an impressive capacity of 75 liters, expandable to 90 liters, with the intention of providing a significantly more modern counterpart to the unbeaten standard-bearer in tactical gear, the Raid Pack.

    Crafted for the most demanding missions where functionality and durability must meet the highest adaptability, the TT Base Pack 75 rises to the challenge: As a solid champion and versatile driver for adrenaline-fueled actions, it will effortlessly play a leading role, whether in professional deployment or conquering unknown terrains.

    Innovative Roll-Top Snow Guard System

    One of the key features of the TT Base Pack 75 is the roll-top snow guard system, which allows for adaptable volume expansion. By simply removing the lid and using the roll-top, the backpack's volume can be increased from 75 to 90 liters, providing additional storage space for extended equipment or provisions.

    Freedom of Movement Despite Heavy Loads

    A specially designed head recess ensures that, even at maximum load, sufficient freedom of movement is maintained, a crucial factor for agility and performance in critical situations, even with a helmet.

    Side Compression Straps

    Side compression straps are integrated to stabilize the backpack and adjust its volume according to the content. This allows the backpack to be compacted and prevents the load from shifting, further improving load distribution and enhancing freedom of movement.

    In addition to a hydration system preparation and extensive compression options, the backpack offers expandable and individual equipment configuration through the M.O.L.L.E system on all essential attachment surfaces.

    Customizable and Detachable Components

    With the height-adjustable and detachable lid, the backpack flexibly adapts to different operational requirements. Gear loops, a trekking pole/ice axe holder, and a first-aid compartment in the lid provide additional functionality and organizational flexibility.

    Material and Construction for the Highest Demands

    Constructed from Cordura 700 den and T-Square Rip FD, the TT Base Pack 75 excels in its exceptional resistance to abrasion and tears. T-Square Rip FD is simultaneously lightweight and flexible, with water-repellent properties that protect the contents from moisture.

    Robust and Adaptable V2 Carrying System

    Contoured Back Padding

    The V2 Plus system features specially contoured and ergonomically shaped back padding that conforms to the natural curvature of the spine. This ensures an even distribution of weight across the entire back and reduces pressure points that can lead to fatigue and discomfort.

    Adjustable Back Length

    The back length can be easily and quickly adjusted, allowing the backpack to be individually tailored to the wearer's size, ensuring a precise and comfortable fit.

    Stable Structure for Optimal Load Distribution

    At the heart of the V2 Plus system is a lightweight yet extremely stable aluminum frame construction. This provides the necessary structural integrity to carry heavy loads while maintaining the flexibility required for freedom of movement and agility.

    Load Transfer to the Hips

    To effectively shift the weight from the shoulders and back to the hips, where it can be more easily carried, the V2 Plus system uses a redirected hip belt pull. This allows for a tighter and more secure adjustment of the hip belt, distributing the weight evenly around the hips and significantly reducing the load on the shoulders.

    The chest strap is adjustable not only in length but also in height, allowing further personalization of the fit and helping to distribute the load evenly and increase carrying comfort.

    The TT Base Pack 75 is a comprehensively thought-out system for demanding missions, offering an optimal balance between carrying comfort, volume flexibility, and durability. With its expandable capacity through the roll-top snow guard system and the ergonomically designed carrying system, the backpack is a worthy successor to the Raid Pack and the ideal choice for professional users who accept no compromises in their equipment.

    • 77 x 33 x 26 cm
    • 75 l, expandable to 90 l
    • 3 kg
    • TT V2 Plus System
    • Made from Cordura 700 den and T-Square Rip FD
    • Preformed head recess
    • Main compartment and bottom compartment division
    • Trekking pole/ice axe holder
    • Roll-top snow guard (without lid) usable in two closure positions
    • Volume expandable from 75 l to 90 l through roll-top snow guard
    • Height-adjustable chest strap
    • Redirected hip belt pull
    • Side compression straps
    • Lid with gear loops
    • Easy-to-use lid compartment
    • Height-adjustable, removable lid
    • Hydration system preparation
    • Gear loops
    • First-aid compartment in the lid
    • Antenna ports on the main compartment
    • M.O.L.L.E system on all essential attachment surfaces
  • Attributes
    Color: Coyote Brown
    Volume (liters): 75 l
    Dimensions: 77 x 33 x 26 cm
    Material: Cordura 700 den, T-Square Rip FD
    Brand: Tasmanian Tiger
    Model: TTBasePack75
    Sex: Unisex
    Type / Function: Duty Backpack
    Weight: 3,12 kg
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