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  • TT Base Pack 75 Olive
  • TT Base Pack 75 Olive
  • TT Base Pack 75 Olive
  • TT Base Pack 75 Olive
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    Ich liebe den Shop und habe jetzt insgesamt dreimal bestellt. Bei der Letzten Bestellung hab ich selbst einen Fehler gemacht, der aber schnell von Kundenservice ausgelöst wurde. Generell sind die Sachen alle sehr gut in der Qualität und ich freue mich immer wenn die Pakte ankommen, alleine schon weil man die sehr nicen Sticker bekommt;)
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    Ich lieb den Shop, hier findet man immer das beste Gear.
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  • Description

    Performance Backpack with up to 90 Litres of Volume

    The TT Base Pack 75 marks a new milestone in the evolution of TT tactical backpacks. It confidently establishes itself in the segment of modular and expandable carrying systems, surpassing its smaller sibling, the TT Base Pack 52 launched last year, with an impressive starting volume of 75 liters, expandable to up to 90 liters thanks to the roll-top snow guard system. The new TT Base Pack 75 was developed with the aim of providing a modern and innovative alternative to the legendary Raid Pack for demanding operational conditions.

    The Roll-Top Snow Guard System

    The TT Base Pack 75 features a roll-top snow guard system that allows for a flexible adjustment of the volume from 75 to 90 liters. This expandability proves particularly useful for creating additional space for extended equipment. The user-friendliness of this system, activated by simply removing the lid and utilizing the roll-top, provides a significant and straightforward expansion of gear volume.

    Maximum Freedom of Movement Despite Full Load

    A specially developed head recess ensures that the wearer enjoys unrestricted freedom of movement, even at maximum load and while wearing a helmet. This is a crucial advantage in dynamic and demanding situations where flexibility and agility are of utmost importance.

    Side Compression Straps for Stability

    The integration of side compression straps allows for individual adjustment of the backpack volume to the content. This feature helps stabilize the load and prevent slipping, which in turn optimizes load distribution and increases the wearer's freedom of movement.

    Modularity Through the M.O.L.L.E. System

    The extensive M.O.L.L.E. system, attached to all essential attachment surfaces of the backpack, allows for maximum expandability and individual configuration of equipment. This feature enables the user to customize the backpack according to personal needs and specific operational scenarios.

    Flexible Adjustment Options

    The TT Base Pack 75 is not only equipped with a height-adjustable and removable lid, allowing for flexible adaptation to different operational requirements, but it is also upgraded modularly through gear loops, a holder for trekking poles or ice axes, and a first-aid compartment in the lid.

    Material and Construction

    The TT Base Pack 75 is made from the extremely robust Cordura 700 den and the lightweight, flexible T-Square Rip FD, offering an excellent balance between durability and carrying comfort. The water-repellent properties of the materials reliably protect the contents from moisture.

    V2 Plus Carrying System for Ergonomic Comfort

    Contoured and Ergonomic Back Padding

    The V2 Plus system incorporates ergonomically shaped back padding that conforms to the natural curvature of the spine, distributing the weight evenly to reduce pressure points and associated fatigue.

    Adjustable Back Length

    A key feature of the V2 Plus system is the ease of adjusting the back length, allowing for individual adaptation to the wearer's size and ensuring a precise and comfortable fit.

    Stable Frame Construction for Load Distribution

    A lightweight yet extremely stable aluminum frame construction provides the structural stability necessary to carry heavy loads while maintaining the flexibility required for freedom of movement and agility.

    Effective Load Transfer

    The use of a redirected hip belt pull efficiently transfers the weight from the shoulders and back to the hip region, significantly reducing the load on the shoulders and increasing carrying comfort.

    In summary, the TT Base Pack 75 represents a paradigm shift in the design of tactical backpacks, offering an unparalleled combination of volume flexibility, ergonomic carrying comfort, and individual adaptability. It is the ideal choice for users seeking a reliable, versatile, and modern backpack for the diverse challenges of professional deployments.

    • 77 x 33 x 26 cm
    • 75 l, expandable to 90 l
    • 3 kg
    • TT V2 Plus System
    • Made from Cordura 700 den and T-Square Rip FD
    • Preformed head recess
    • Main compartment and bottom compartment division
    • Trekking pole/ice axe holder
    • Roll-top snow guard (without lid) usable in two closure positions
    • Volume expandable from 75 l to 90 l through roll-top snow guard
    • Height-adjustable chest strap
    • Redirected hip belt pull
    • Side compression straps
    • Lid with gear loops
    • Easy-to-use lid compartment
    • Height-adjustable, removable lid
    • Hydration system preparation
    • Gear loops
    • First-aid compartment in the lid
    • Antenna ports on the main compartment
    • M.O.L.L.E system on all essential attachment surfaces
  • Attributes
    Color: Olive
    Volume (liters): 75 l
    Dimensions: 77 x 33 x 26 cm
    Material: Cordura 700 den, T-Square Rip FD
    Brand: Tasmanian Tiger
    Model: TTBasePack75
    Sex: Unisex
    Type / Function: Duty Backpack
    Weight: 3,12 kg
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