GoRuck Sandbag 60LB Black

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  • Sandbag 60LB Black
  • Sandbag 60LB Black

  • Description

    Your training, your rules

    If you want to train hard you shouldn't be told when and where to do it. With the durable GORUCK Sandbag 60LB made of proven Cordura 1000D, it doesn't matter if you want to work out in your garage, backyard or nearby park with your friends. Fill sand or gravel in the desired amount into the included inner pockets and your workout can begin.


    GORUCK's Sandbag 60LB sets the standard for workmanship and material selection. In addition to a multitude of special reinforcement stitches in particularly stressed areas and box stiches to secure the padded handles, all seams are double stitched. To avoid pressure points when carrying on the shoulders and the risk of brittleness and subsequent breakage, GORUCK has deliberately decided against rubberized handles. The padded handles used are made of the same durable Cordura as the rest of the 60LB Sandbag, are not bulky and fit comfortably in the hand. Inner pockets as a barrier against leaking filler material are included, which at the same time protect the massive YKK zippers from unnecessary wear by fine particles.

    No sports on vacation was yesterday

    The Sandbag 60LB has a very small pack size when empty and thus fits easily into your luggage. On site it can be filled inexpensively, on the beach even free of charge. There are many training suggestions on the internet. GORUCK too offers various training programs for all GORUCK training products on their website: https://www.goruck.com/pages/sandbag-ruck-training-program. The Sandbag is available in 40LB (18 kg), 80LB(36 kg) and 120LB(54 kg) in addition to the 60LB(27 kg) version described here.

    - Can be loaded with up to 27 kg
    - Padded handles
    - Robust YKK zippers
    - Sandproof inner pocket
  • Attributes
    Color: Black
    Material: Cordura® 1000D
    Brand: GORUCK
    Model: Sandbag 60LB w/ Fillers
    Type / Function: Sport bag
    Sex: Unisex
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