DNS Alpha Balaclava FR Olive Green

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  • Balaclava FR Olive Green
  • Balaclava FR Olive Green
  • Balaclava FR Olive Green
  • Description

    Flame-retardant balaclava for warmer conditions

    For critical missions and guaranteed full functionality with a barely noticeable feel, the DNS Alpha Balaclava FR is one of DNS Alpha's top innovations.

    Smart design for maximised functionality

    When worn under a helmet, and in the various tactical scenarios, a well thought-out design makes an important difference. DNS Alpha has aimed for the most reduced and wrinkle-free shape possible, which is suitable for pulling the nose and mouth area under the chin or covering it completely. More field of vision or a closed protection of the face can be achieved with a flick of the wrist. An extension over the neck ensures that the balaclava fits seamlessly between helmet and jacket and covers possible unprotected gaps.

    Such a tight cut can lead to pressure points, especially under the helmet, which irritate and limit functionality. This is not the case with the DNS Alpha Balaclava FR, whose seams are not only anatomically correct, but which is also made with flatlock seams: zero pressure points allowed.

    The material makes the fit

    Of course, a wrinkle-free, tight and frictionless design can only be achieved with the appropriate material and DNS Alpha has spent a particularly large amount of design energy on the material mix. A high viscose content provides the particularly elastic parts that contribute to the pleasant wearing comfort. Because the material is made in a mesh construction and OUTLAST technology has also been used, temperature balancing properties can be demonstrated. This means that the balaclava is not only breathable and has a cooling effect, but the flame-retardant fabric also ensures that your glasses don`t fog up, even when the balaclava is pulled over the nose and mouth.

    - Nose and mouth area can be exposed
    - Designed for warmer climates
    - Flatlock seams
    - Tight fit
    - Flatlock seam design to reduce pressure points
    - 56% modacrylic, 38% viscose, 2% polyamide, 4% elastane
  • Attributes
    Color: Olive
    Material: 56% Modacryl (Protex) / 38% Viscose (Outlast) / 2% Polyamide / 4% Elastane
    Model: BalaclavaFR
    Brand: DNS Alpha
    Sex: Unisex
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