Carinthia Sleeping Bag Cover

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  • Description

    Premium bivy bag of the German Army

    The Carinthia Sleeping Bag Cover is a premium bivy bag, which is also used by the German Army.

    The Sleeping Bag Cover with its generous mummy cut convinces thanks to its functional middle zipper and special double wind protection flap with absolute waterproofness. Carinthia bivy bags allow uncomplicated, well-protected overnight stays outdoors when there is neither time nor space for complex tent constructions or tarp superstructures.

    Carinthia offers optimal bivouac solutions and uses only the best materials. The GORE-TEX gas permeable technology is a unique three-layer laminate that is absolutely waterproof and extremely breathable. Unlike the conventional GORE-TEX membrane, which is mainly used for clothing, the impressive GORE-TEX Gas Permeable Technology is air-permeable, ensuring that Carinthia bivy bags can be closed completely. Thus the Sleeping Bag Cover guarantees superior weather protection with maximum comfort

    O² AND CO² Permeable with GORE-TEX

    The CARINTHIA Bivy Bag Systems with Gore-Tex Gas Permeable Technology is a waterproof and windproof multifunctional cover with perfect properties for all military activity in wet terrain and in rain. Its unique GORE-TEX® laminate is not only extremely breathable, but also permeable to oxygen and carbon dioxide in the ambient air. This means it is possible to create a completely closed waterproof and windproof environment for sleeping within adverse weather conditions. Air permeability of the system has been tested to a depth of 1 m of snow.

    Less Weight And Volume, More Flexibility

    GORE-TEX laminate for sleep systems is designed to be light weight and packable. To achieve the best balance of durability and light weight a combination of materials can be used with a lighter weight gas permeable fabric for the top cover, and a robust laminate for the ground sheet. This gives the best balance of weight, durability and protection. CARINTHIA Bivy Bag Systems are versatile and in addition to being used as a bivy/small tent, they can also be used as observations posts, emergency stretcher, portable waterproof store or as a waterproof bag for river crossing.

    Protection Against Cold And Wet Inside The Bivy Bag

    CARINTHIA Bivy Bag Systems with Gore-Tex Gas Permeable Technology demonstrate excellent insulation properties and to the soldier they mean additional protection against the cold, especially when closed. The condensation of moisture vapour on the inside is reduced and any condensation water that occurs is quickly transported to the outside.

    PLEASE NOTE: Our TACWRK BlackCard or CamoCard discounts do not apply for items by Carinthia!
  • Attributes
    Color: Olive
    Material: 100% Polyamid
    Dimensions: 245 x 100 x 72 cm
    Pack size: 35 x 8cm
    Brand: Carinthia
    Model: Sleeping Bag Cover
    Weight: 1,06 kg
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