Carinthia Defence 4 200 Woodland

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  • Defence 4 200 Woodland
  • Defence 4 200 Woodland
  • Defence 4 200 Woodland
  • Description

    Mummy sleeping bag in Woodland

    The larger of the Defence-4 mummy sleeping bags brings more space to the nights under the stars. In the old school Camo Woodland, the backpack has been visually reinvented as part of the Carinthia Camo Matrix - functionally, it is - with good reason - one of the best-selling sleeping bags of the 3-season mummy sleeping bags and comfortable in a temperature range down to -15°C.

    Combination with tropical sleeping bag possible

    As a 3-season sleeping bag, the Defence 4 is ready for the vast majority of Central European nights. For a year-round upgrade, it can easily be combined with the Carinthia Tropen sleeping bag.

    Design and cut

    The trapezoidal cut of the sleeping bag makes it easy to combine it with another sleeping bag. However, the  design is  a tactical feature, too: It offers enough space for sleeping with boots and stowing gear in the foot area. To allow for a quick opening and exit at any time and even when surprised, all Carinthia military sleeping bags have a two-way zipper. The clamp protection tape ensures a jam-free opening and closing of the zipper.

    G-Loft and Thermoflect

    The insulation performance of the Defence 4 sleeping bag comes from the clever combination and arrangement of insulation materials. Carinthia's signature G-Loft synthetic fiber is used in the Defence 4 sleeping bag as well, where it is combined with Thermoflect. Thermoflect is a lightweight cotton fabric that is breathable and harnesses body heat in a special way: With the ability to retain up to 11% more heat, making it ideal for helping the body manage heat, Thermoflect brings another dimension to the insulating performance of G-Loft.

    2-layer layering

    In order for the material to fully develop its properties, it is arranged in a 2-layer construction. This creates an additional air cushion between the quilted insulating layer and the outer shell, further improving insulation. Because the top-lying zipper is equipped with a zippered heat flap, additional protection is provided against wind and moisture.

    Compression and decompression thanks to G-Loft

    Thanks to the G-Loft synthetic fiber, the sleeping bag can be crumpled up and stowed in the stuff sack as many times as you like; the fiber unfolds completely each time and does not lose any thermal performance.

    The clever combination of two different insulation materials and their layered processing makes it possible to use the sleeping bag down to -15°C.

    Camo Matrix

    Woodland is the highlight of the so-called Camo Matrix from Carinthia, with which the possible uses of the products for a wide variety of applications have been expanded. The absolutely timeless camo classic M81 Woodland is not only the mother of all camos and as a vintage borrowing a real style classic. It also concludes the expansion of the requirement profiles and places of use of equipment and clothing with its usual high-contrast 4-color pattern.

    Within the camo matrix, previously unavailable, field-tested and proven camo variants have been exclusively matched to the most common operational regions in the European area, enabling an optimal camouflage effect at any time of year and in any operational area.

    From Multicam and its sub-variants Multicam Alpine and Multicam Black to the 5 colors Flecktarn of the German Armed Forces, most Carinthia products are now available.

    • Trapezoid foot part
    • Differential cut
    • Zipper cover flap
    • Can be combined with the Tropen sleeping bag (as a sleeping bag system)
    • 2-layer construction
    • Zipper heat strip
    • Clamp protection tape
    • 2-way zipper
    • Thermoflect
    • Pack sack included

    NOTE: Discounts through our TACWRK customer cards don`t apply to Carinthia products!

  • Attributes
    Color: Woodland
    Pack size: 25 x 32 cm
    Material: Außenmaterial: 100% Polyamid | Innenmaterial: 100% Polyamid | Füllung: 100% Polyester
    Temperature range: Comfort Limit: -15°C / Extreme: -35°C
    Model: Defence 4
    Dimensions: Outer dimensions: 230 x 87 x 60 cm
    Sex: Unisex
    Weight: 2,00 kg
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