TT Collection 2021

We are happy to introduce you to the first Tasmanian Tiger novelties in 2021! In addition to some updates of proven solutions, this time we are particularly pleased about new products such as the multifunctional and ultra-light TT Modular Gunners Pack, the universal TT Officers Bag, the modular TT Organizer Panel, the relaunched TT Modular Trooper Pack, the innovative TT Harness Set and the sleek designed TT Tac Pouch X.1 series, to name just a few of the exciting highlights for 2021.

Here on this page we present you the three main collection topics of the new TT 2021 collection.

Tasmanian Tiger Novelties 2021 - Special Forces Collection

Special Forces Collection

Multifunctional combat and operational equipment has always been a core competence of the German premium supplier, which is always in close contact with numerous European units and commandos. So again this year Tasmanian Tiger offers dedicated solutions for police special forces and specialized forces of the military, who depend in their profession on precisely fitting equipment and the most modern materials.

Tasmanian Tiger has once again optimized numerous designs of long-established equipment and expanded the depths of the associated product lines of modular bags and tactical backpacks in the best possible way.

In addition to brand new special bags, this year's TT collection shines with its light and flexible harness, advanced transport options with modular accessories and the strategic expansion of the tactical Medic Line.

Practical safety equipment is still a decisive factor for professional users who have to adapt to constantly changing requirements and constantly changing dynamics. Tasmanian Tiger offers innovative solutions for a multitude of different application scenarios and, with uncompromising manufacturing standards and sustainable quality, ensures optimal results that ultimately enable safe work through short reaction times and focused action.


Tasmanian Tiger Novelties 2021 - Urban Collection

Urban Collection

There has never been more need for tactical everyday tools that structure the civil daily events of our lively metropolises and lend organization than it is today.

In addition to urban robinsonades, contemporary Urbex adventures and short-term city breaks, which are constantly growing It is above all the seemingly endlessly repeating routines of the classic commuter lifestyle that are popular can be positively determined by reliable equipment.

Robust constructions in an optimal balance with intelligent functionality and clear design form the incontestable trinity of every urban gear concept.

For years, Tasmanian Tiger has focused specifically on the requirements of adventure-hungry backpackers, traditional commuters and the special criteria of modern digital nomads. With this year's new releases in the field of an urban way of life, whose roots are firmly in the foundation of tactical armaments anchored, TT brings the basic characteristics and proven features of professional emergency equipment closer to the city in an inimitable way.


Tasmanian Tiger Novelties 2021 - Outdoor Collection

Outdoor Collection

Whether looking for the next big adventure or a little break in untouched nature - the new outdoor collection of the tough tasmanian tiger from Dasing leaves nothing to be desired and this year again inspires with consistent upgrades and great innovations.

Well-founded specialist knowledge and practical experience turn any equipment into loyal companions who will accompany us reliably and for a long time on even the steepest paths.

Qualitative gear no longer only stands for carefree trips, excursions and trips, but allows us almost casually, to create additional space for fond memories. At Tasmanian Tiger, 2021 will be all about modular expansions, and smart Tac components will enable tried and tested evergreens to be optimized at lightning speed. Together with numerous new editions of popular classics, TT delivers a comprehensive range that will meet even the highest demands.

Tasmanian Tiger continues to keep up to date with its products and not only offers high-performance equipment for daring outdoor tours, but also all the essential components for carefree outdoor experiences and the most beautiful of all memorable stories by the crackling campfire.


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