TASMANIAN TIGER TT Plate Carrier QR SK anfibia MKII coyote brown

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  • TT Plate Carrier QR SK anfibia MKII coyote brown
  • TT Plate Carrier QR SK anfibia MKII coyote brown
  • TT Plate Carrier QR SK anfibia MKII coyote brown
  • Description

    Waterproof operations with "anfibia" gear

    Those who operate in the spectrum of amphibious operations and find themselves between sea and land on strategic missions rely on smart gear that anchors the intensity of the mission with the best-fit equipment. Tasmanian Tiger has risen to this challenge and dedicated a range of equipment to amphibious operations with its "Anfibia" series. The central pivot here is the TT Plate Carrier QR SK Anfibia MKII, which can be equipped with pouches as the basis of the PPE.

    Seawater-resistant material

    To make the plate carrier fully seawater resistant, Tasmanian Tiger has given the Cordura 700 den a TPU coating. TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane and promises a permanently elastic and waterproof material treatment that is also extremely resilient. This means that full mobility is maintained and the material is also seawater-resistant.

    To ensure that it also absorbs as little water as possible and does not weigh down the plate carrier, especially after removal from the water, the surface of the plate carrier has been skeletonised. This not only ensures that water and mud run off quickly through the holes, but also provides an ideal mounting surface for the pouches of the "Anfibia" series. The result of material development and design has been proven by Tasmananian Tiger through testing, showing that the plate carrier gains only about 55g in weight 20 seconds after removal from the water, which is only about 7% of normal weight.

    Compatible plates and sizing

    All mag pouches of the "Anfibia" series are suitable as amphibious complements to the plate carrier; the TT Tac Pouch 18 Anfibia is also intended as a complement to the TT Plate Carrier QR SK Anfibia MKII. However, the TT Mag Pouches VL can also be connected. Fleece surfaces can additionally be fitted with patches.

    As part of the PPE and protective vest, the plate carrier is suitable for all SAPI plates in the size range from 30 x 25 cm to 33 x 27 cm, whereby the plate holder is adjustable in height. For a more individualised fit, the shoulder straps can also be adjusted, ranging from a length of 23 cm to a maximum of 40 cm. The elastic side panels with M.O.L.L.E system can also be adjusted in length. They can also be replaced entirely and replaced with the TT Molle Hyp Belt, which, however, has no amphibious properties.

    Thanks to the quick-release system with ROC buckle, the plate carrier can be thrown off quickly.

    • Suitable for SAPI plates in sizes from 30 x 25 cm to 33 x 27 cm
    • Compatible with TT Mag Pouches VL and all Anfibia Mag Pouches
    • Compatible with TT Tac Pouch 18 Anfibia
    • Length-adjustable, elastic M.O.L.L.E side panel with quick-release buckle
    • Quick-release system with ROC buckle
    • Fits TT Molle Hyp Belt
    • Shoulder straps adjustable from min. 23 cm to max. 40 cm
    • Height adjustable plate holder
    • Weight gain, weighed 20 sec after removal during soaking: 55 g (~ 7 %)
    • 745 g
    • TPU Cordura 700 den
  • Attributes
    Color: Brown
    Material: Hypalon
    Model: TTPlateCarrierQRSKanf.MKII
    Sex: Unisex
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