DNS Alpha Merino Neck Gaiter Black

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  • Merino Neck Gaiter Black
  • Merino Neck Gaiter Black
  • Description

    The ultimate merino gaiter for the cold season

    DNS Alpha is known for not compromising on the combination of material and design, and the Merino Neck Gaiter is a brilliant example of this. Gaiters are a simple piece of clothing with big requirements, as pressing seams, sweat-inducing material and a fit that's too tight or too wide can make wearing them an uncomfortable experience.

    Merino in top form

    Not so with the Merino Neck Gaiter, which as the name suggests is made from the well known high performance Merino wool. Alpha's merino fibre is more durable than other merino fabrics, making it well suited for everyday use. Whether confronted with waistcoats, helmets, jackets, zips or hook-and-loop closures, the robust merino wool is hardly susceptible to damage. In addition, the wool carries the typical properties of natural fabric: Alpha-merino is odour-neutral, naturally flame-retardant and ensures a pleasant body climate. In order to meet the necessary versatility and the different size requirements, an elastane content has been incorporated into the Alpha-Merino, which does not detract from the wool properties, but adds more flexibility.

    Versatile usability in everyday life

    In terms of length, the tube scarf is designed to be as versatile as possible: whether as a scarf, hat, balaclava or, these days, a quick mouth and nose cover. The seams are flatlock seams; they don`t create pressure points even when wearing a helmet or beanie. The lightweight Merino Gaiter literally fits in any small side pocket and is a non-negotiable in daily clothing and gear choices in cold temperatures.

    - Made of Alpha-Merino
    - Flame-retardant
    - Flatlock Seams
  • Attributes
    Color: Black
    Material: 79% Wool / 15% Polyamide / 6% Elastane
    Brand: DNS Alpha
    Model: Merino Neck Gaiter
    Sex: Unisex
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