In our new TACWRK Gift Guide category you will now find everything you need to master the approaching wish list check with flying colors. From timeless must-haves for your geardo of the heart, to original gifts for tactical Secret Santa among colleagues, to innocuous little things that will make even the most determined mother-in-law part of the passionate Get Shit Done Squad.

Let yourself get inspired, place your order from the comfort of your home and, thanks to an extended Christmas return period, you can enjoy the otherwise hectic pre-Christmas season with stoic serenity and a broad grin. Be it exclusive Deadbird equipment, warming winter jackets from Carinthia or casual TACWRK merchandise with the right amount of tacticool attitude - our selected gift ideas guarantee an epic holiday mood and lasting joy under the Christmas tree.

We wish you a Merry Gift & Happy #Christmas dingetun! Your Team TACWRK.

TACWRK Gift Guide