TT Highlights 2022

Enthused about the arrival of the TT Collection 2022, we are excited to introduce you to the Tasmanian Tiger novelties! The new arrivals shine, fashionably late, all the more spectacular and bring some monumental additions to the segment of mission and combat backpacks or, just in time for the summer 2022, an impressive Overnighter collection. Strong in combination, modular to the top and with an extra focus on low profile operations, the new Cordura giants like the TT Sentinels and TT Mil-Ops packs in two sizes, the impressive series around the TT Base Carrier and the neutral TT Companions have arrived - and so many more!

Below, we introduce you to the 3 collection themes of the new TT 2022 collection in more detail.

Tasmanian Tiger Novelties 2022 - Mil-Ops Pack Collection

Mil Ops Packs Collection

Identify, assess, report - with the MilOps Collection, Tasmanian Tiger offers innovative transport solutions for highly flexible forces that operate self-sufficiently for days on end in urban or difficult terrain and in almost all climate zones.

When you`re away from logistical supply chains, the precise organization and accessible storage of personal equipment is of utmost importance and as crucial, as the safe and most comfortable transport of all mission-relevant materials.

The TT MilOps Collection brings Snipers, JTACs and qualified special reconnaissance forces the most functional options and the best support for the specific requirements of each independent mission.

The Tasmanian Tiger TT MilOps Pack 80+24 is the monumental flagship in this regard, impressing with its extra slim profile and maximum comfort despite its extensive carrying capacity and unprecedented range of functions.

The reliable companion for critical multi-day missions is perfectly complemented by the TT MilOps Pack 30 and thus becomes a fully comprehensive load system for sustained, yet immediate direct action tasks under intensive stress levels.

Of course, civilian users will find the TT MilOps Collection a great option and a real alternative for extensive trekking and sustained bushcraft adventures. The design concepts are fundamentally tailored for professional users and convince with tactical modularity and their qualitative manufacturing; thus, they are far superior to the conventional nylon constructions of ordinary suppliers.

From undetected infiltration to convivial bivouacking - with the uncompromising MilOps Collection, Tasmanian Tiger presents the new giant in the field and introduces a versatile daypack that lays ground under all circumstances and leaves virtually nothing to be desired, both on duty, and in private.


Tasmanian Tiger Novelties 2022 - Overnighter Collection

Overnighter Collection

For those who are at home outdoors and who are always ready for the best adventures - Tasmanian Tiger's indestructible highlights of the TT Overnighter Collection offer everything it takes to find an effortless way to camp. Back to the roots with joyful ease, despite overgrown trails and steep rocky paths.

When even the most capable backpacks reach their broad limits, avid outsiders will find the new TT Base Carrier a first-class way to reliably carry even the heaviest loads. It helps you transport the bulkiest goods in comfort and absolute safety to the farthest places and remotest destinations. Thanks to a multitude of modular elements, the tactical load carrier platform can be packed with complete flexibility and, hence, makes the transport of bulky logs, shock-resistant hard cases or chunky plastic canisters a proverbial breeze, even in difficult-to-access terrai

In addition to smart add-ons such as the functional TT Base Carrier Flap, Tasmanian Tiger completes the new fully modular base line with the 65-liter TT Base Carrier Pack, which can be used to transform the flexible soft pack of the tactical carrier system into a full-fledged outdoor backpack in a heartbeat.

Although it may seem that the TT Overnighter Collection is more of a recreational gear portfolio for bushcrafters, survivalists and wilderness scouts, Tasmanian Tiger once again comes up trumps with an operational backpack based on their core competency that supports professional users with gigantic packing space and all the necessary functionality in the field.

The Tasmanian Tiger Base Pack 52 is the cornerstone of the personalized transport system made of CORDURA 700 den and subject to the prevailing mission parameters. The impressive roll-top Goliath offers an extraordinary amount of space and, thanks to generously placed webbing loops and extra-long compression straps, the uncomplicated possibility of attaching additional bags for equipment, exchange tubes or even simple bi-wak rolls.n.

The TT Overnighter Collection is designed to guide you past dry riverbeds and through the deep woods of your next exciting micro-adventure. It provides essential assistance to demanding users in the performance of their duties and in any critical situation.


Tasmanian Tiger Novelties 2022 - Low Profile Collection

Low Profile Collection

Operations in metropolitan and suburban industrial areas can place their own, specific demands on tactical equipment manufacturers.

The confused jungle of the big city demands its own profiles, silhouettes, and color codes that allow undercover forces to go unnoticed in the stream of gray matter.n.

In the TT Low Profile Collection, expert grey men, ever-ready plainclothesmen and casual downtown hobos with a tactical mindset will find an effective depot of essential gear that blends with its surroundings in a pattern-perfect manner between rugged concrete buildings and large-scale glass facades.

Tactical features in civilian design are the all-determining sinus node and hard core of this specialized collection, which is complemented and expanded by the new TT color variant "Titan Grey".

With the TT Companion 30, Tasmanian Tiger already opened the highly discreet round of city-suitable equipment at the end of last year and delivered us an impressive toploader that is not only ideally suited for police and intelligence activities in an urban setting, but also for civilian adventures, Urbex tours and city trips.

With all the functionality of a contemporary reconnaissance pack and the design of an unexciting daypack or outdoor backpack, Tasmanian Tiger refines its low profile product range with the TT Sentinel models, offering further new ways for those who need to move under the radar of agile metropolises at all times, armed for all eventualities.

Conscious avoidance of any prominence is celebrated throughout the TT Low Profile Collection and finally implemented through practical concepts in uncompromising quality.


Tasmanian Tiger Novelties 2022 - Accessoires


The devil is in the details, and that's why a seamless integration of mission-specific accessories and modular add-ons is critical to the successful outcome of any mission.

Never before has the selection of tactical extras been broader in scope and more practical in functionality than in the new TT Accessories Collection 2022. Multifunctional gear inserts and multi-purpose equipment pouches bring the necessary level of organization to large mission bags and backpacks, ensuring fully individualized loadouts and customized setups.

Police forces, military, outdoor photographers and adventurers alike benefit from the audacious slyness that goes into the design and manufacturing of each module. This ensures full capacity for action at all times and the ability to achieve personal objectives in a focused manner.

Tasmanian Tiger shines time and again when it comes to establishing a comprehensive order and classification of various contents within their numerous transport and load systems, thus guaranteeing each user quick and unrestricted availability of critical equipment in exceptional situations.


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