TACWRK Staff Picks

In our new TACWRK Staff Picks section, we introduce you to our personal favorite items in the TACWRK range. The inner circle chats freely from the personal loadout room and shares their firsthand experiences with our gear-hungry community.

We cordially invite you to join our journey of individual flashbacks, great memories and amusing anecdotes - and sometimes, we might even inspire you to choose a new favorite item yourself!

Staff Picks Daniel D.
Staff Picks Daniel D.

Daniel D.

Leiter TACWRK Content-Management

Our word wizard and mischievous patron of the TACWRK newsletter is either securing our photo shoots, ventures on epic tours with his dachshund Lotti or „grinds“ the Saxony Alps.

1. TT Funny Bag S: The TT Funny Bag S awakens the mullet in you and ensures wellstocked EDCs and a Tac-affine look. My first choice when it comes to TIER1 men‘s handbags.

2. TACWRK Black On Black Hoodie: The timeless Black on Black Hoodie is one of my absolute faves. Never overdressed and never underdressed. Whether Catweazle, Obi Wan or Skeletor - every cool guy needs a statement hoodie!

3. ARC‘TERYX LEAF Rho LTW Beanie: Probably one of the best Arc‘teryx LEAF items of all time - and for a relatively modest price. I have stashed a low profile Deadbird Beanie in almost every one of my jackets.

4. SUREFIRE G2X Pro: For late walkies with the dog, spontaneous cellar expeditions or stored in the lid compartment of the backpack just in case - in combo with the Thyrm Flashlight Ring, the G2X Pro is unbeatable.


Staff Picks Benno Krewer
Staff Picks Benno Krewer

Benno Krewer

Proud Dad & Gründer TACWRK

„Proudest dad ever“ club member, food aficionado and MammutMarsch conqueror. Benno has more skills than MacGyver and his dad jokes make us laugh almost every time.

1. TT Retail Bag: From your grocery shopping to a Sunday at the lake - this bag is simply always practical. I have at least 5 of them in my car and love that they are branded with the coolest company logo in the world! ;)

2. MYSTERY RANCH Urban Assault 21: Over the years, I have tested many “daypacks” for the office etc., but the Urban Assault 21 is my „swiss army knife“ backpack and it looks really classy!

3. TT Mesh Pocket Set Safety Yellow: I was very happy when we managed to convince TT a few years ago to make this bestseller in the neon signal color for us. You`ll find every cable in no time, even in poor lighting conditions!

4. TT Wokin 15: To all the proud dads out there, I certainly don‘t have to describe the feeling when you`re out with the little ones and they are so proud because they have the „same“ backpack as dad! :)


Staff Picks der Bommel
Staff Picks der Bommel

Der Bommel

Leiter TACWRK Logistik

Whether it’s a 100km hike, crossing the Alps, 7 days in the wild or jumping out of a plane - Bommel never misses out on any adventure! As the head of our logistics, he makes sure that your order arrives save and on time!

1. ARC´TERYX LEAF Atom Hoody LT Men´s: My loyal companion on every mountain tour or for those chilly evenings by the lake. Because of it’s minimal pack size, it can be taken anywhere and feels comfortable like a “sleeping bag jacket”.

2. TT Medic Assault Pack L MKII IR: My favorite backpack! Developed by TT as a Medic Pack, but I also use it a lot as a daypack. Thanks to its slim design and the velcro surfaces inside, it’s highly flexible.

3. TACWRK Nalgene Everyday Weithals TW Edition: Being thirsty is worse than being homesick! Whether for hot or cold drinks, this bottle is the perfect everyday office and outdoor companion.

4. LOWA Zephyr GTX® Mid TF: A true classic – for a good reason! For many years, these boots have been a loyal companion for many adventures, for example hiking, airsoft or bushcraft.


Staff Picks Lynn S.
Staff Picks Lynn S.

Lynn S.

Leitung Einkauf / Head of Purchasing

As a die-hard Sweden fan, Lynn knows everything about being outdoors. And, of course, that helps a lot when she purchases items for our TACWRK assortment.

1. CARINTHIA MIG 4.0 Jacket: I look forward to snow even here, in Berlin, just to finally get my Carinthia MIG out again.

2. TT Tac Modular Pack 30 Vent: This backpack is suitable for every occasion and the X Vent Zero Plus-System works extremely well with warm temperatures.

3. TAD Artemis Hoodie: The TAD Artemis hoodie is by far the coolest piece for girls in our shop and I‘ve been using it for years already!

4. ARC´TERYX LEAF Atom Hoody LT Men´s: I‘m an avowed Deadbird fan (like many others in our team) and I believe that everyone should have at least one Atom in their closet.


Staff Picks Sebastian R.
Staff Picks Sebastian R.

Sebastian R.

Versandleiter & Showroom-Berater

He is probably the biggest OTTE Gear Aloha Shirt fan and has been proving his expertise in the field of tactical and outdoor clothing as our showroom consultant and as a part of the logistics team for years.

1. TAD Force 10 RS Cargo Pant: I’ve been wearing these pants for years when traveling, hiking or in the city, at any given time of the year. They are lightweight, dry quickly and are wind proof.

2. OTTE GEAR Aloha Pua Honu Shirt: As soon as a new Otte Gear Aloha Shirt Edition gets released, I have to have it! The modern Hawaiian shirt brings a pinch of „tactical swag“ into my outfit for every occasion!

3. LOWA Zephyr GTX Mid: An absolute classic, the Lowa Zephyr GTX Mid. No matter whether in autumn or winter, in the city or as a hiking shoe in the lower mountains. Simply great and they look good too.

4. TT Modular Combat Pack MKII: I`ve been missioning with my old TT Combat Pack for years. It’s reliable and versatile on day trips, when used as a daypack or when traveling.


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