TASMANIAN TIGER Warrior Belt MKIII IRR Stone Grey Olive

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  • Warrior Belt MKIII IRR Stone Grey Olive
  • Warrior Belt MKIII IRR Stone Grey Olive

  • Description

    The Modern Warbelt, a perfect add-on for your setup

    Do you want to have your gear ready to hand at all times and distribute its weight evenly over your hips and shoulders? The Warrior Belt MKIII by Tasmanian Tiger made of CORDURA 700 den IRR is not only a valuable piece of equipment as a stand-alone battle belt, but also the perfect addition to your existing plate carrier setup. Thanks to the M.O.L.L.E. loops all around the belt, a variety of pouches and M.O.L.L.E. compatible pockets can be attached to the Warrior Belt MKIII. The configuration of a Battle Belt is as individual as its bearer. No matter if you use the Warrior Belt MKIII at the shooting range as a belt for a pistol, on the hunt as an equipment belt or on duty as a service belt, it can always be configured exactly to your needs.

    Your adventure, your setup

    Besides an obligatory pistol holster and the matching mag pouches, a standard setup might include additional magazine pouches for your rifle, a dump pouch and your personal first aid kit. This includes an IFAK pouch and in many cases a Tourniquet.
    In combination with a plate carrier it is possible to carry certain equipment redundantly. If you lose one of the elements it is good to have another IFAK and/or Tourniquet at hand.

    Bearing load, sharing load

    By distributing equipment between the plate carrier and the Warrior Belt MKIII, it is possible to shift loads from the shoulders to the hips. Thanks to the comfortable and well-ventilated 3D mesh padding on the back of the battle belt, it is comfortable to wear for hours. If the robust belt made of CORDURA 700 den IRR is worn solo, the supplied harness, which is mounted in no time at all, distributes the load to the shoulders. Tasmanian Tiger has opted for a tapered cut at the front of the belt distinguishing the MKIII from its proven predecessor. This increases comfort when sitting or kneeling by increasing legroom.

    Perfectly connected

    In addition to the three-row M.O.L.L.E system described above, the well thought-out TT design allows equipment to be connected directly to the inner belt. The Warrior Belt MKIII opens up on the bottom side giving you direct access. Especially when the Warrior Belt MKIII is used as a service belt, many prefer to attach the holster directly to the inner belt instead of the M.O.L.L.E. loops. The inner belt can be exchanged with a few simple steps for another model.

    With the redesigned Tasmanian Tiger Warrior Belt MKIII you always have your gear at hand and relieve your back.

    As the belt can also be worn separately, with or without TT Basic Harness, you have the chance to train all important movements over and over until they become second nature. Proven Tasmanian Tiger design and robust material make it the right choice for sports, hunting or demanding professional use.

    As a special highlight, the Warrior Belt MKIII is now also available in the stone-grey-olive as part of the new TT IRR collection. The used material with IRR-coating meets the strict requirements of the German Army (TL 8305-0278 resp. TL 8305-0281) regarding the IRR camouflage effect (IRR 650 - 1250nm / 10 - 42%).

    - Modern Combat belt
    - Tapered front side for comfortable wearing while sitting or kneeling
    - Optimized carrying system with chest strap and back fixation (TT Basic Harness)
    - Three rows of M.O.L.L.E. on the outside
    - Removable and replaceable inner belt
    - Direct access to the inner belt from the bottom
    - 3D mesh padding
  • Attributes
    Color: Olive
    Material: CORDURA® 700 den IRR
    Brand: Tasmanian Tiger
    Model: Warrior Belt MKIII
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