TASMANIAN TIGER TT Modular Combat Pack 24 SL IRR Stone Grey Olive

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  • TT Modular Combat Pack 24 SL IRR Stone Grey Olive
  • TT Modular Combat Pack 24 SL IRR Stone Grey Olive
  • TT Modular Combat Pack 24 SL IRR Stone Grey Olive
  • TT Modular Combat Pack 24 SL IRR Stone Grey Olive
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    Top Shop mit top Produkten. Bin absoluter Fan von Tasmanian Tiger und davon gibts hier im Shop viel. Versand und Service auch top!
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    Sehr freundliches Personal, problemloser Umtausch, tolle Produkte. Hier kauft man gerne ein.
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    J\'ai découvert TACWRK en allant sur le site internet de ARC\'TERYX Leaf. TACWRK propose de nombreux équipements, accessoires et vêtements militaires et outdoor de grandes marques connues pour leur qualité et leur éco-responsable. Les achats par le site internet TACWRK sont rapides et sécurisés ainsi que la livraison par un transporteur international. Vous recevez vos achats dans un packaging et vos articles sont emballés dans une poche plastique et vous avez un petit mot et des bonbons de remerciement de TACWRK pour l\'achat.
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    the product is faithful to the one described, excellent tracking service and delivery with care
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    Top Zustand und sehr zufrieden
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  • Description

    Modular Backpack with innovative carrying system

    The TT Modular Combat Pack SL is a compact combat backpack with a 24-liter capacity, where Tasmanian Tiger has focused on adapting the carrying system. The newly developed Y2 System, due to high demand, offers a wide range of adjustments for back length and is specially tailored to the anatomy of smaller individuals. Thanks to its innovative curved zipper, the Modular Combat Pack 24 SL can be used as a front loader for easy packing and unpacking, as well as a top loader for quick access from above.

    The New Ultra-Flexible Y2 Carrying System

    Adjustable Back Length

    The Y2 carrying system offers unparalleled flexibility in adjusting the back length, making it suitable for a wide range of body sizes – from smaller to very large individuals. This adjustability ensures that each wearer can individually adapt the backpack for optimal load distribution and ergonomic fit.

    Reinforced Back Area

    An ergonomically padded back with a pre-shaped aluminum profile not only provides additional comfort but also improved stability and support. The aluminum profile is designed to conform to the natural curvature of the back, allowing for optimal load distribution and improved posture while carrying.

    Ergonomic Construction

    The carrying system also includes ergonomically shaped and padded shoulder straps that allow for even weight distribution across the shoulders and minimize pressure points. This is particularly important during long carrying periods or when carrying heavy loads, as it reduces fatigue and increases carrying comfort.

    Adaptability to Protective Gear

    The adjustability of the shoulder straps also accommodates wearing over plate carrier and vests or other tactical gear, allowing the user to comfortably and securely carry the backpack in combination with additional equipment.

    Removable Waist Belt

    The waist belt with padded hip fins can be easily removed. The hip fins are equipped with practical zippered pockets for quick access to small pieces of equipment.

    Top Loader and Front Loader Combined

    The dual functionality of the TT Modular Combat Pack 24 SL as both a top loader and front loader provides exceptional flexibility in packing and accessing equipment, making this backpack particularly versatile and adaptable for various operational scenarios.

    Access via top

    Designed as a top loader, the TT Modular Combat Pack 24 SL allows traditional top access, facilitating quick packing and uncomplicated access to the main compartment contents. This method is especially suitable for situations where the backpack needs to be filled or emptied quickly, without the need for specific access to certain pieces of equipment.

    The advantage of a top loader lies in the simplicity and speed with which equipment can be stored and retrieved, especially when the backpack is not fully packed and quick access to items stored at the top is required.

    Access via front

    The front loader function of the backpack, enabled by a curved zipper, allows the backpack to be fully opened, providing direct access to the entire main compartment. This functionality is particularly useful for organizing specific pieces of equipment and accessing them quickly without disturbing other contents.

    By fully opening the main compartment like a suitcase, equipment can be neatly organized and immediately accessible without the need to dig deep or remove other contents. This is especially advantageous during longer missions or travels where detailed organization and quick access to equipment can be crucial.

    For customized loading, the main compartment is equipped with M.O.L.L.E. panels, allowing for flexible and individual organization of equipment.

    Material with Infrared Reflection Reduction

    Naturally, the backpack is made from TT's unbeatable Cordura 500 den IRR, known for its extraordinary resistance to abrasion and wear, thus ensuring the backpack's durability under extreme conditions.

    The 'Infrared Reflection Reduction' minimizes the visibility of the equipment in the infrared spectrum. Tasmanian Tiger's IRR properties of materials and colors meet the specific standards and requirements of military and law enforcement authorities.

    Optimized Organization

    Three front pockets with practical subdivisions provide organized storage space for essential accessories; the bottom pocket is specifically designed to accommodate three magazines.

    Expandability and Compatibility

    Both the front and sides are equipped with a laser-cut M.O.L.L.E. system, allowing for the attachment of additional pouches and pieces of equipment and the expansion of storage space as needed.

    In addition to a preparation for a hydration system, the backpack also offers small mesh pockets for small items and a webbing system for additional equipment.

    The TT Modular Combat Pack 24 SL is the ideal choice for users looking for a versatile, robust, and adaptable backpack for various operational scenarios and who value a wide range of length adjustments and carrying preferences. With its optimal weight distribution and ergonomic design, the TT Modular Combat Pack SL establishes itself as a functional backpack in a previously unoccupied niche in terms of uncompromising carrying comfort.

    • Dimensions: 54 x 29 x 18 cm
    • Volume: 24 liters
    • Weight: 1.70 kg
    • Y2 Plus System
    • Cordura 500 den IRR
    • Ergonomically padded back with pre-shaped aluminum profile
    • Y2 Carrying System
    • Ergonomically shaped, padded shoulder straps
    • Removable waist belt
    • Detachable, padded hip fins with zippered pockets
    • Side compression
    • Preparation for hydration system
    • Volume: Main compartment 19 liters + top front pocket 2 liters + middle front pocket 1 liter + bottom front pocket 2 liters
    • Small mesh pockets inside for storing small items, e.g., batteries, etc.
    • Hook-and-loop area on the front (loop)
    • Three front pockets with zippered compartments
    • Webbing system for attaching additional equipment
    • Removable back plate with aluminum rail (individually moldable)
    • M.O.L.L.E. panel inside for modular expansions
    • Front and sides with M.O.L.L.E. system in laser-cut execution for optional attachment of additional pouches
    • Length-adjustable shoulder straps, allowing for wearing over heavy protective vests

  • Attributes
    Color: Stonegrey Olive
    Volume (liters): 24 l
    Dimensions: 54 x 29 x 18 cm
    Material: Cordura 500 den IRR
    Brand: Tasmanian Tiger
    Model: TTModularCombatPack24SL
    Sex: Unisex
    Type / Function: Duty Backpack, Combat rucksack
    Weight: 1,70 kg
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