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  • Description

    Operation: Socks 'n Slides

    The new TACWRK Tacletten were created in close cooperation with the civilian Special Beach Forces and were explicitly designed for amphibious BBQ sessions and important Bro OTB scenarios. This iconic piece of Germanness is now also available in a casual TACWRK design and promises optimal comfort in all tactical Socks 'n Slides operations.

    The ergonomically shaped toe area and the extra wide padded tongue ensure comfortable strolling on warm summer days and the slip-resistant sole with functional tread supports its wearer during maritime boarding exercises.

    These uncompromising mission slippers in luxurious leather optics should be worn according to all standards exclusively with tennis or tube socks and bring a little bit of German swag into even the most boring locker room.
    Whether for a relaxing foot feeling after strenuous training sessions and intense runs or for absolute fashion dominance on the campsite - with the TACWRK Tacletten you're making a unmistakable statement and treat your ever-working feet to their own bad taste wellness area.

    - Tactical slippers
    - TACWRK Edition in leather optics
    - Ideal for amphibious BBQ sessions
    - Wide padded tongue
    - Ergonomically shaped toe area
    - Embossed logo for positive identification
    - Non-slip sole with functional profile
    - Ideal in combination with white tennis socks
    - For a comfortable foot feeling after hard training sessions
    - Absolute fashion dominance
  • Attributes
    Color: Black / White
    Material: Plastik
    Type / Function: Casual Shoe
    Sex: Unisex
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TACWRK - Tacletten