Salomon XA Forces Mid GTX EN Earth Brown

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  • Description

    Certified Tactical Boots

    The XA Forces Mid GTX EN, drawing design philosophy from the XA Pro 3D – one of Salomon's most proven trail-running models – has been specifically tailored to meet the dynamic and demanding requirements of police and military operations. Its multifunctional orientation is evident in a thoughtful design focused on lightweight construction and excellent traction, making the boot an ideal choice for a range of operations.

    EN Certification

    Certified according to ISO 20347:2012, the XA Forces Mid GTX EN meets the high standards set for occupational footwear. This standard includes specific test criteria such as puncture resistance, anti-static properties, and slip resistance.

    Puncture resistance ensures that the boot's sole is protected against penetration by sharp objects, crucial in rough and unpredictable operational environments. The anti-static features of the boot prevent the accumulation of electrostatic charges and safely dissipate them, making the boot suitable for use in sensitive areas prone to explosion risks. Additionally, the slip resistance of the boot provides secure footing on various surfaces, minimizing accident risks and ensuring optimal traction in critical situations.

    Robust and Flexible Upper Material

    The boot's outer material combines advanced materials like Anti-Debris Mesh, genuine full-grain leather, and simple mesh to offer superior durability while maintaining agility. Enhanced by a waterproof Gore-Tex layer in the GTX version, the boot is built for longevity and resilience against the elements. Its non-reflective surfaces significantly improve the wearer's camouflage capabilities in missions requiring discretion.

    Anti-Debris Mesh

    Anti-Debris Mesh plays a pivotal role in the construction of the boot, specifically designed to block the entry of contaminants and particles. This particular type of mesh ensures excellent breathability and has a fineness that reliably prevents dirt, sand, and small pebbles from entering the boot. In scenarios where tactical or military precision is paramount, the integrity of the footwear is crucial for ensuring mobility and comfort.

    Nubuck Leather

    Nubuck leather is distinguished by its high resistance to abrasion and perfectly conforms to the foot, requiring minimal break-in time. A special treatment of the leather enhances its natural resistance to water and promotes its exceptional durability.

    Gore-Tex Membrane

    In the GTX variant of the tactical boot, a Gore-Tex membrane made of porous PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is embedded between the outer material and the lining. This membrane is water-repellent yet allows sweat in the form of vapor to escape. It keeps the feet dry and comfortable, effectively protects against moisture, and simultaneously offers high breathability.

    Fit and Construction for Optimized Functionality

    SensiFit System

    The SensiFit system of the boot envelops the foot from the midsole to the Quicklace fast-lacing system, ensuring a precise, secure, and almost personalized fit. Additionally, the interior of the boot is reinforced to provide optimal support during climbing and rapid rappelling maneuvers.

    Quicklace System

    Salomon's Quicklace technology facilitates quick and straightforward fit adjustment with a lace that tightens with a single pull, and the excess length is conveniently stored in a special pocket on the tongue side of the shoe. This lacing method distributes pressure evenly across the entire foot, eliminates pressure points, and can be easily operated even while wearing gloves, making it particularly suitable for tactical use. Additionally, the lace hooks are designed to be closed to minimize the risk of tripping.

    Rubber Cap and Mud Guard

    The 3D rubber toe cap effectively protects the toes from impacts and hard strikes, offering abrasion resistance and a waterproof barrier that enhances the boot's durability and keeps the feet dry. The use of modern shaping techniques also improves wearing comfort and supports the structural stability of the boot, crucial for fast movements and safe navigation in challenging conditions.

    Sole Construction


    The OrthoLite insole features excellent cushioning properties that effectively absorb shocks, relieving stress on the feet during long wear times and under high loads. This sole contributes to optimal air circulation and moisture regulation, keeping the feet dry and cool. Its antimicrobial properties also inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria, improving the shoe's internal climate and increasing comfort.

    3D Chassis

    The 3D Chassis, inserted between the outsole and the midsole of the tactical boot, is crucial for fine-tuning motion control and efficient energy management. Its low-profile design not only enhances stability but also maintains the necessary agility required for precise and quick actions.
    Additional protection against impact forces ensures the shoe retains its structure even in demanding environments. This innovative chassis technology is particularly advantageous in operations where immediate adaptability to changing ground conditions is essential.

    Dual Density Midsole

    The Dual Density midsole is a key component in Salomon's high-performance shoes, combining two layers of foam with different densities to maximize both comfort and support.

    The softer foam provides excellent cushioning and absorbs shocks, particularly important during high-impact activities such as running or jumping. At the same time, the firmer foam provides the necessary stability and support to correctly align the foot and prevent overstrain, enhancing the efficiency of movement and reducing the risk of injuries.


    The Contagrip MA outsole is specifically designed for a wide variety of surface conditions and is distinguished by an excellent balance between durability and grip. It is made from a special rubber formulation that considers both the geometry and the quality of the rubber, to provide reliable grip on wet, dry, hard, or soft surfaces. This combination contributes to increased safety and stability on diverse terrains, by being durable and offering excellent traction to prevent slips and falls.

    The puncture-resistant Enigma Zero HT2 insert made from non-metallic, highly resistant material significantly contributes to the wearer's safety, especially in environments where the risk of ground punctures is high. The anti-static technology also prevents the accumulation of static electricity in the shoe and effectively dissipates it.

    • Gore-Tex Membrane
    • Anti-Debris Mesh
    • Nubuck Leather
    • SensiFit System
    • Protective Pad
    • Toe Cap and Mud Guard.
    • Closed Hooks
    • Lace Pocket
    • 3D Chassis
    • Dual Density Midsole
    • Contagrip MD Outsole
    • Enigma Zero HT2 Anti-Puncture Insert
    • OrthoLite Insole
  • Attributes
    Color: Ebrown
    Sole: Contagrip® MD, OrthoLite®
    Lining: Fast drying textile
    Uppers: Nubuck Leather and Textile
    Sex: Men
    Type / Function: Half Boots, Tactical Boot
    Weight: 1,30 kg
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