Rhino Coffee Gear Rhino Compact Hand Grinder w/ Adapter for Aeropress

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  • Description

    It all starts with the bean

    If you want to unlock the full flavor potential of your coffee, you know you can't beat freshly ground coffee. If you want to coax the full aroma out of your bean of choice without filling up your kitchen with a huge and sinfully expensive electric grinder, the Rhino Compact Hand Grinder from Rhino Coffee Gear is the perfect choice - bothat home and on the go.

    Why not an electric grinder


    Large barista grinders are technically light years ahead of inexpensive electric grinders in all aspects - ultimately, their price reflects that. Many of the small mills, however, have more in common with a shredder for garden waste than with a coffee grinder. The coffee beans are coarsely chopped into pieces and the result is a coffee powder with a widely varying degree of grinding. Those who do not want to do without the refinements of professional grinders, such as an indestructible ceramic cone grinder and the option to precisely adjust the grinding degree, will be delighted with the outdoor-ready Rhino Compact Hand Grinder.

    From coffee freaks for coffee lovers

    When we decided to add coffee accessories to the Tacwrk shop, our goal was to find products that we ourselves were passionate about, come from manufacturers that live the theme, and add value for the outdoor enthusiasts we call customers. The Compact Hand Grinder from Rhino Coffee Gear is one such product, developed by coffee aficionados for coffee aficionados. Embedded in a robust stainless steel housing the conical cone grinder made of ceramic ensures a perfectly consistent grind and can also be easily cleaned. Adjustment is straightforward and infinitely variable from the bottom by wing nut. The smooth knob made of stainless steel sits at the end of a removable crank arm, which is long enough to allow for effortless grinding. The bean container holds about 21 grams of beans, which is equivalent to 3 single espressos.

    Ideal in use with the AeroPress

    The slim cylindrical housing of the Rhino Compact Hand Grinder is not only ideal to grip while grinding, but also fits perfectly into the hollow plunger of the AeroPress Coffee Maker when not in use. And not only that: Rhino includes an adapter to its Compact Hand Grinder, making it possible to grind your favorite roastright into your AeroPress Coffee Maker.
    Those who like to take their AeroPress with them on tour and do not want to do without a full-bodied cup of fresh coffee even at the summit, can upgrade it with the practical hand grinder from Rhino Coffee Gear without taking up any additional space.

    - Body and cover made of indestructible stainless steel
    - Precise, cone-shaped grinder made of ceramic for homogeneous ground product
    - Uncomplicated cleaning with soap and clean water
    - Slim shape fits well in the hand and fits into the plunger of the AeroPress
    - Connects to the AeroPress with the included adapter
    - Long, detachable crank arm with stainless steel bearing-mounted knob for effortless grinding
    - Lightweight 0.5 kg
    - Container holds approx. 21 g of bean
  • Attributes
    Color: Silver
    Brand: Rhino Coffee Gear
    Model: Rhino Compact Hand Grinder
    Material: Stainless steel / Ceramic / Polymer
    Dimensions: Width: 7 cm / Height: 21 cm
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