LMSGear The M.U.D. Urban Grey Elastane V2

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  • Description
    The LMSGear M.U.D. Elastane V2 - designed in Switzerland and manufactured in Portugal, The M.U.D. is thoroughly EDC-capable and was specifically designed for covert operations in urban environments. The mother of all tactical jeans convinces with a classic design that is neither too tight nor too sacky and shines with high quality performance denim with optimal freedom of movement and great fit.

    The highest manufacturing standards, especially for dyeing and washing, guarantee that the material used remains completely untouched and thus promises uncompromising durability. The M.U.D. Elastane in Urban Grey features a button placket with 4 embossed buttons in logo design and 6 denim rivets with embossed coffin nails. The classic 5-pocket design of the M.U.D. is complemented by 8 additional concealed pockets in various configurations. 2 slide-in pockets offer extra reinforced pocket hems, which do not wear out even under the greatest load of the strongest pocket knife clips and offer integrated coin pockets in this special new edition of the M.U.D., which in depth and shape can easily accommodate almost any folder and handgun magazine. 2 additional front pockets below the regular slide-in pockets are perfect for carrying mobile phones, flashlights or up to 2 Glock 17 magazines on each side. Above each of the two back pockets there is a generous insertion pocket, which offers room for IFAK, AR or even AK magazines without hesitation.

    Larger smartphones can also be conveniently stowed here, so that they do not disturb even when seated. A concealed inner pocket below the waistband of the pants makes it possible to carry critical essentials such as credit cards, passports and spare magazines completely camouflaged. In the new M.U.D. in Urban Grey there is a small opening in the area of the first belt loop, which makes it possible to conceal flexcuffs or zip ties. Small knives, SERE and E&E tools also find a suitable place here. Behind the first belt loop on the left, as well as at the rear middle belt loop, hidden flaps are sewn, in order to be able to carry handcuff keys. Hidden triple seams with additional reinforcements provide superior durability and increased life. A total of 7 robust belt loops, 3 of which are in the back area, offer a perfect fit even under the most demanding conditions.

    - Tactical low profile jeans
    - Classic American 5-pocket design
    - Version 2 made of a more resistant material mix and better pocket division on the front
    - Hidden inside pocket for credit cards, spare pistol mags, extra money or condoms
    - Placket with 4 embossed buttons in LMSG logo design
    - 6 jeans rivets with distinctive LMSG coffin nail design
    - Reinforced hem on the inside of front prockets for better fixation of folders, flashlights or multitools
    - Double sewn belt loops for use of carabiners
    - Hidden triple seams with additional reinforcements
    - Low Profile front pockets for carrying smaller EDC items like flashlights, folders, pistol magazines or smaller smartphones
    - 2 added back pockets for carrying bigger EDC items like 5.556 or 7.62 mags, big smartphones or your IFAK
    - The Elastane version comes all in length 34 for individual length customizable
    - Designed in Switzerland
    - Made in EU

    10 Essential tips to keep your pair of Elastane M.U.D. from aging:
    - Turn inside out
    - Wash seperatly
    - Machine wash cold
    - No bleach
    - Add denim friendly detergent
    - Don´t wring
    - Hang dry, no tumble dryer
    - Never iron damp or wet
    - Store on hanger
    - Wear often, wash seldom

    If you follow this advise, you will enjoy your denim jeans for an extended period of time. The selvedge denim is untreated, rarely wash and if so folloe steps to get individual look with less time to fade. The instructions apply to Grey Elastane version as well.

    Note: Should your jeans develop a smell from wear. Simply place denim in freezer over night to eliminate odor.
  • Attributes
    Color: Gray
    Material: 99% Cotton / 1% Spandex
    Type / Function: Combat Trousers, Trousers
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