HAIX Ranger GSG9-S 2.0 Black

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  • Description

    Multifunctional boot in 2nd generation

    The second generation Haix Ranger GSG9-S 2.0 operational boot is the ultimate multifunctional shoe for emergency forces in all seasons: With a liquid-repellent surface combined with a breathable structure and an especially slip-resistant sole, the boot with Gore-Tex CrossTech membrane is an uncompromising shoe even for critical missions, promising stability and a secure footing while being immune to any kind of entering liquids.

    Upper material

    The boot with a shaft height of 18.5 cm is made of waterproof leather in a thickness between 1.8 and 2.0 mm. The Gore-CrossTech membrane gives the sturdy base material its waterproof and liquid-repellent surface while maintaining breathability.

    Gore-CrossTech membrane

    The way the Gore-CrossTech membrane works is based on a combination of different properties. Basically, the membrane consists of a thin layer of microporous ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene), which is waterproof, windproof and breathable. This microporous structure allows the exchange of water vapor molecules to the outside, while at the same time preventing larger water molecules, such as rain or liquid chemicals, from penetrating.

    However, the membrane is additionally provided with a water-repellent impregnation on the surface. This impregnation ensures that water rolls off the membrane surface instead of penetrating the pores. This maintains breathability and allows the membrane to maintain its protective function even when wet.

    Because the Gore-CrossTech membrane also has a particularly high chemical resistance, it offers protection against a wide range of liquid chemicals, as well as blood and potentially virus-laden liquids, especially in critical operational situations.

    Sun Reflect

    The upper of the shoe is additionally prepared with Sun Reflect properties, which prevent the heating effect of the upper leather by sunlight. This allows sunlight to reflect off the leather and dissipate heat, and the foot does not heat up as a result.

    Inner lining

    The abrasion-resistant lining in the inner shoe supports use in all seasons with optimal climate comfort, but also permanent changes between indoor and outdoor use. The breathable materials, which support good air circulation in the boot, enable the removal of moisture caused by sweat and help maintain a comfortable foot climate.

    Haix Climate System

    Because the Haix Climate System is used at the same time, the comfort of the boot remains set: The Climate System is a special ventilation system designed to regulate the foot climate in the boots. A ventilation channel integrated into the sole of the boot allows air to be exchanged between the inside and the outside, because it uses the pumping motion that occurs when walking and transports moisture to the ventilation openings on the shaft and tongue.

    Inner sole / footbed

    The insole of the Haix Ranger GSG9-S 2.0 is anatomically shaped and features particularly good moisture absorption with quick drying. The sole can be changed and also washed.

    Cushioning with MSL system

    The Micro Soft Light System (MSL), which is located under the heel and provides cushioning that is gentle on the joints, acts as a kind of midsole. The MSL system consists of a lightweight, flexible sole with built-in micro air chambers. These chambers absorb shock when walking or running, reducing stress on the wearer's joints and muscles. The MSL system also allows the foot to roll naturally, providing good traction on a variety of surfaces.


    The outsole of the Ranger GSG9-S 2.0 is particularly safe thanks to an anti-slip coating, protecting against slippery surfaces in different conditions. The special rubber / PU compound and innovative tread design are abrasion-resistant and slip-proof on asphalt surfaces as well as off-road, and allow for optimal step and roll-off behavior. The metal-free, puncture-resistant sole is also antistatic and leaves no abrasion marks.


    Last but not least, the lacing and the precise fit of the operational boot ensure the special safety and the ideal comfort of foot and ankle. With the 2-zone lacing system, the boot can be laced and adjusted separately in the shaft and foot areas. Because the lacing system is closed, the boot is also well suited for "fast roping".

    • Gore-Tex Cross Tech: Maximum protection against liquids.
    • Heel: Increased shock absorption
    • Sole: Extra slip resistant
    • 2-zone lacing
    • Replaceable and washable insole
    • Height in cm: 18,5 cm
    • Upper: Leather
    • Safety rating: O3
    • Waterproof: Waterproof through CROSSTECH
    • Weight per shoe: 790g
    • Leather thickness: 1.8 - 2.0

  • Attributes
    Color: Black
    Membrane: GORE® CROSSTECH®
    Uppers: Leather
    Model: RANGER GSG9-S 2.0
    Sex: Unisex
    Type / Function: Tactical Boot
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