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  • Description
    Now TACWRK is also doing a perfume? Yes, exactly.
    Does it make sense? No.
    Does it smell good? HELL YEAH!

    Never before has it smelled so good in a Humvee! Even when the situation gets heated and the crap steams, with CONCEALED you leave even the most dangerous situation fragrantly fresh.

    Together with EVORA we have developed CONCEALED: a fragrance that gives every operator a special note. Because let's be honest: from James Bond to John Wick, real guys pay attention to their appearance - that includes the right scent.

    The perfume was filled in a handy bottle and comes in a practical premium box - with an exclusive "When Shit hits the Fan" collector's patch!

    Why does CONCEALED exist?
    We wouldn't be TACWRK if we weren't always looking for a new challenge. That's how the idea for our own fragrance was born. As so often, during a long team dinner we quickly agreed - if we wanted to implement this project, it would have to be low profile, urban and with a touch of tactical swag! The perfect "partner in crime" was quickly found: EVORA, a traditional family cosmetics company from Germany. Together we have compiled this fragrance for you and hope that it will inspire you as much as it inspires us!

    The CONCEALED perfume contains 16 percent perfume oil, so the fragrance is long-lasting and intense in contrast to Eau de Toilettes, which have a higher water content. Even if your own nose has quickly gotten used to the perfume you just sprayed on and you think that the fragrance is no longer there, the people around still notice it.

    Fragrance notes:
    Mandarin, coriander, ambergris, leather, styrax, labdanum

    - The perfume is shipped ONLY TO GERMANY, AUSTRIA and SWITZERLAND
    - This item is not discountable, it is a one-time special production
    - This item is excluded from exchange
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  • Customer reviews

    Philipp K 19 February 2020

    Hatte das concealed nur als "Beifang" zur blackcard mitgenommen. Hätte sonst bei TACWRK kein Parfüm gekauft. Das wäre ein Fehler gewesen! Erkennbar hochwertiges (hoher Anteil Parfümöl) EDT das geruchlich genau mein Geschmack ist. Männlich edel und trotzdem leicht und frisch.


    Tim k 18 February 2020

    Absolute Kaufempfehlung!


    Manuel K 29 November 2019

    Sehr guter und langanhaltender Duft! Der an Tag eins auf Arbeit auch gleich mal mehrere Komplimente einbrachte. Ich hoffe es bleibt nicht nur bei der Limitid Edition. Wäre ziemlich schade wenn er nicht mehr verfügbar ist!


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