UF PRO P-40 All-Terrain Gen.2 Brown Grey

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  • Description

    Multifunctional pants in generation 2

    The professional High Performance Allrounder in Generation 2 is based on the popular predecessor model and has been further optimised in terms of robustness, functionality and wearing comfort. An intelligent pocket concept and superior knee protection underline the tactical functionality of the new UF PRO P-40 All-Terrain, which promises users a decisive advantage in any terrain and any critical situation.

    Optimised design and improved technology

    The design of these modern pants offers improved seams with overlapping technology that drastically reduces the number of critical points where the pants can potentially get caught on sharp objects. This smart design strategy reduces the risk of the pants tearing or otherwise being damaged to an absolute minimum. In addition, UF PRO has noticeably reinforced all pockets and heavily stressed points to significantly extend the life of these modern duty pants.

    Highest comfort and optimum freedom of movement

    The improved stretch inserts in combination with the special anatomical cut offer absolute freedom of movement and highest wearing comfort. The use of high-performance Schoeller stretch material at all critical points provides ideal support for dynamic movement sequences and scores points with long-lasting stretch and excellent flexibility.

    Gear-compatible and high-performance

    In addition to integrated hooks that can be attached to the boots and thus prevent the trouser legs from slipping up when running, walking or sitting, the pocket volume of the P-40 All-Terrain has also been revised and significantly improved.

    Thanks to the newly designed cut and the complementary inner belts made of elastic fabric, equipment is held securely in place and 2-layer belt loops with CORDURA reinforcements prevent the sagging of heavily loaded belts.

    Improved knee protection

    The second generation P-40 All-Terrain features an optimized cut in the knee area and a modular design. This ensures that the inserted knee protection always stays in the right place without slipping or losing comfort.

    Modern pocket design

    The generous 9-pocket concept, which allows the uncomplicated stowage of smaller items, ensures that all items are always optimally accessible and ready for use.

    The depth and placement of each pocket guarantees a secure hold for all essentials and prevents the loss of critical equipment when running, racing and jumping. Double access side pockets provide unrestricted access to their contents when standing, kneeling and sitting. The secret is the vertical and horizontal zipper system of the pockets, which, in combination with inner pockets made of stretch, guarantees optimized access to the contents.

    Defy the cold

    The UF PRO P-40 All-Terrain is a real all-rounder and can be used in combination with the powerful UF PRO WINDSTOPPER inner lining even at temperatures below freezing point without any compromises.

    9-pocket configuration:
    - 2x dual-access side pocket boasting huge storage capacity, special inner compartments, and an attached CORDURA-reinforced gear pocket with security flap
    - 2x hand pocket with CORDURA reinforcement
    - 1x safety pocket
    - 2x knife pocket with CORDURA reinforcement
    - 2x back pocket with CORDURA reinforcement

    - Double belt-loops with CORDURA reinforcement
    - Schoeller-dynamic stretch material in the seat
    - Double zipper pull-fly
    - Width-adjustable lower leg
    - CORDURA-enhanced knee and instep
    - Inner zipper (for detachable WINDSTOPPER lining)
    - Externally accessible knee pockets for 3D Tactical Knee Pads
  • Attributes
    Color: Olive
    Material: 67% Polyester / 33% Cotton-Ripstop-Mix (PolyCo) - Schoeller®-Dynamic: 80% Polyamide / 10% Polyester / 10% Elastane - 100% 500D CORDURA®
    Model: P 40 All Terrain Gen2
    Type / Function: Combat Trousers
    Sex: Men
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  • Customer reviews

    Dr. Marc H 15 April 2021

    Erstmal ein Dankeschön an die superschnelle Lieferung durch Tacwrk! Die Hose selbst ist dank der eingearbeiteten elastischen Abschnitte extrem bequem zu tragen. Das Gefühl auf der Haut ist durch den hohen Synthetikanteil zwar nicht unbedingt als ultimativ schön zu bezeichnen, aber auch nicht völlig unangenehm. Möglicherweise findet hier aber auch noch eine leichte Veränderung nach dem Waschen statt. Zur Langzeithaltbarkeit kann ich noch nichts sagen, aber durch die sehr durchdacht eingesetzten Cordura-Verstärkungen an mechanisch häufig belasteten Stellen, wirkt sie sehr wertig und robust. Zur Größe: Normalerweise passt mir Jeansgröße 34/34 (1,88m/ 100 kg). Nach der Messtabelle auf der UF Pro-Seite wurde mir eine 38/33 empfohlen. Da mir diese Werte aber merkwürdig vorkamen, habe ich den "Mittelweg" mit 36/34 bestellt und siehe da: passt wie angegossen! 34/34 fiel hier im Bund (peinlicherweise) deutlich zu eng aus !-) Der Preis ist insgesamt zwar knackig aber wenn die Langlebigkeit stimmt (bleibt abzuwarten), soweit okay. Liebe Grüße an das freundliche Team aus meiner Zweitheimat! Show more Show less


UF PRO - P-40 All-Terrain Gen.2 Brown Grey
UF PRO - P-40 All-Terrain Gen.2 Brown Grey
UF PRO - P-40 All-Terrain Gen.2 Brown Grey