GoRuck RPC 2.0 Large Black

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  • RPC 2.0 Large Black
  • RPC 2.0 Large Black
  • RPC 2.0 Large Black

  • Description

    Backpack for effective Workouts

    The Ruck Plate Carrier 2.0 is the most streamlined and efficient way to add weight to your workouts. The new RPC 2.0 includes more padding, ergonomic lumbar support and an all-new, less abrasive fabric used on the back panel and underside of the shoulder straps — you can even wear it shirtless with no friction burn. Every RPC also comes with a newly redesigned, wider and tougher Training Sternum Strap to better disperse heavy loads.

    What is Rucking?

    Walking with a weighted rucksack (aka backpack). It implies action, energy, and purpose. Rucking requires strength, endurance, and character - and builds it, too.

    Rucking is Cardio
    Cardio for people who think running sucks. If you want to burn up to 3X as many calories as walking, ruck instead. Your heart pumps faster during a rucking workout to get oxygen rich blood throughout your body, increasing circulation.

    Rucking is Simple
    You wear a backpack (or better yet a rucksack), walk, it's a fitness thing. And you're already doing it. Hiking is rucking in the mountains and urban hiking is simply called rucking. Rucking exercises can be done at any weight.

    Rucking is Scalable
    The weight adds resistance training to your back and shoulders, your glutes and legs with every step - resulting in strength gains without the bulk. Want more? Up the weight, increase the distance, or go faster.


    - Lumbar padding supports the natural curve of your back
    - Ruck Plate compatible
    - Shoulder straps are extra padded to carry heavier loads more comfortably
    - Padded top lid protects during dynamic movements
    - Durable ballistic nylon bottom panel
    - Includes adjustable Training Sternum Strap

    Specs + Materials

    - Primary Material: 1000D CORDURA
    - Back Panel & Shoulder Strap Underside Material: 210D HT (High Tenacity) CORDURA
    - Bottom Panel Material: 1050D Ballistic CORDURA
    - Lumbar Support: 10MM EVA Foam Padding
    - Ruck Plate Pocket Dimensions: 9.75"W x 11.75"H
    - Small Shoulder Strap: 15.9"L x 2.4"W
    - Standard Shoulder Strap: 16.8"L x 2.8"W
    - Large Shoulder Strap: 18.7"L x 2.8"W
    - Sternum Strap: 17" - 7.5"L x 1"W
    - Ruck Plate Compatibility

    The Ruck Plate Carrier is purpose-built for weighted PT and has an elevated Ruck Plate pocket that will securely fit a 20lb or 30lb Ruck Plate.
  • Attributes
    Color: Black
    Material: 1000D Cordura®
    Type / Function: Fitness Rucksack
    Brand: GORUCK
    Dimensions: Large Shoulder Strap: 47,4 x 7,1 cm / Ruck Plate® Pocket: 24,7 x 29,8 cm
    Model: Ruck Plate Carrier 2.0
    Sex: Unisex
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