Busch PROtective CAW-1 bk - Pouch Counterweight

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  • Description

    Counterweight for connection to CMR-1 rail system

    The BuschPROtective helmet counterweight pouch is a simple Cordura bag that can be equipped with either batteries or weights on 10 slots. Depending on how many weights are used, the helmet itself can be balanced: The placed counterweight provides stability and thus the necessary safety.


    The weights sit securely inside the flip-up pouch and are attached to the helmet with a strap using the CMR-1 rail system. The underside is attached to the helmet with hook-and-loop. The outside is covered with a fleece to which other accessories or patches can be attached.

    • Pouch with 10 slots
    • Can be fitted with batteries or weights
    • Variable total weight
    • Outer surface with hook-and-loop fleece
    • Compatible with CMR-1 rail system
    • Includes 5 stainless steel weights
    • Individual weight: 70 g
    • Total weight: 380 g
  • Attributes
    Color: Black
    Model: CAW-1
    Material: Nylon, with Stainless Steel Weights
    Sex: Unisex
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