Tactical Responder

We first met Jerry Mayer from TACTICAL RESPONDER in 2013 at a charity event. Before that we had already heard a lot about him and found out that, as it happens, we already had a lot of mutual friends and contacts in the industry. We exchanged Ideas and discussed the current medic-market situation in Germany. These discussions later let to the point where an idea for a labeling system for medic bags was developed. This new system allows the operator to use a special color scheme for stress situations in order to quickly identify different bags and gear. In the future, more ideas will follow.

The globally acting team of TACTICAL RESPONDER combines nearly 20 years of experience in emergency medical care in "challenging enviroments " and offers various courses and individual consultations for medic equipment and medical training concepts. Continuous training and the exchange and interaction with experts from Europe and USA provides for the necessary relevance in contemporary events and ensure the teaching of modern concepts. Please feel free to contact us for further reference, we'll gladly forward any inquiry and request to TACTICAL RESPONDER.

Tactical Responder

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