Triple Aught Design Journeyman Sweater 2021 Black

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  • Description

    Now Made in Italy

    Inspired by the Type A-1 sweater issued by the United States Army Air Force during the Second World War, the Journeyman Sweater continues a tradition of excellence. Although issued to engineers and mechanics, the A-1 saw quick adoption by pilots and other aircrew for use under their Type A-2 leather flight jackets. The Journeyman Sweater continues the tradition of the A-1, updating the style with contrasting ribbing details, TAD signature slotted buttons, and a 70% Wool/30% Nylon yarn for long-wearing durability.

    Subtle details

    Ribbed panelling along the shoulders, collar, and underneath the arm provide a subtle contrast to the Journeyman’s jersey body.

    Distinctive V-neck

    The distinctive V-neck placket of the A-1 has been updated with TAD´s signature slotted buttons for greater functionality.

    Active Merino

    Merino has a unique ability to regulate body temperature. During exertion or warm weather, it wicks away moisture from your body and releases it on the surface. This evaporation mechanism has a cooling effect, enhancing comfort while keeping you dry. To help you stay warm in cold weather, the air pockets in the Merino fibers trap body heat to provide insulation. This adaptive capability makes merino wool garments highly flexible, which is critical if you need to count on a small set of gear to handle unpredictable conditions. Merino is also naturally fire retardant and odor resistant, providing a measure of assurance when outdoors or in the field.

    Care instructions:
    - Machine wash cold
    - Gentle Cycle
    - Use Wool Detergent
    - Do Not Bleach
    - Do Not Wring or Twist
    - Reshape, Lay Flat to Dry
    - Cool Iron
    - Or Dry Clean

  • Attributes
    Color: Black
    Material: 70% Merino Wool / 30% Nylon
    Model: Journeyman Sweater
    Brand: Triple Aught Design
    Sex: Men
    Type / Function: Combat sweater, Casual sweater
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